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Act of Aggression


The Day After
The Day After
#1galesyoo  Nov 24 2015, 10:04 AM -
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I knew ive already lost at the beginning when i knew whom im playing with hahaha. probably need tips how to counter cartel rush in the early game. GGWP
#2Fargo  Nov 24 2015, 12:20 PM -
Oil+Alu+Bank+Alu into fast factory

  • Very fast Jackal and really some sweet micro to clean his main bank, really liked how you go around and try to hunt his remaining marines.
  • I liked how you made Otto first and then scorpion, so till they reach enemy base, scorpion will catch otto (hes much faster), just next time try to concentrate on them and never lose them or if you going to lose them, you really need to do good damage.
  • Beautiful super fast hind drop with few rpgs and jackal to help to clean any infantry units around enemy base and even managed to kill ref.
  • You kept expanding quite fast after your slow eco with extra 2oil ref, that really sweet transition to get more ahead after your harassment and secure win in a long game, not trying to finish your opponent in early game, but you need to take first oil which is closer to your base, maybe you did this in order to take control of left corner.
  • Selling your empty ref is very good too, many players forget about it.
  • You have made fast factory in order to surprise him with your fast 2 tanks (you skipped 2ref in order to do that), so you must had to do at least quite some damage, but either you did not see that you was going straight to his rpg's and bunkers or something else, try always go around his ref and then you will kill his supply trucks and you will see more where you can go.
2x oil+Bank+2Allu:

  • It was nice how you sent two marines to others side banks to capture them and at same time scout if any units coming your way.
  • Nice opening with 4ref+2banks to have good early eco(but try not to queue up two things at same time when u have no money, e.g making marines and building Lem and ref and also your main bank was with just 4 marines in it).
  • Really nice bunker expanding to take the right corner of the map and capture bank with all resources, also nice try to take left corner, your bunker managed to kill quite few k-maxs, if you have done it a little earlier, it might have been even better. But after I really dislike how you kept making more bunkers and tried to make them in left corner, now you just wasting your money and your FOB's are very slow, please make them asap.
  • Lost your scouting unit so fast, if you thinking to attack his base or scout it very fast, then go from other side or go around bank, don't just go through the bank and expecting there are no vipers in it, it always will be (they are so cheap).
  • I don't agree by making 2 bunkers to defend vs his harass, that is quite a lot of investment and also you bought upgrade for rpg, he can go around your ref easily and avoid your bunkers, better to make early more rpg's instead, but on other maps bunkers could work better.
  • Way too slow factory, as you see you really need faster factory in order to deal vs Jackals and hinds, and bunkers just does not do the job on this map especially.
  • Not taking any banks, I guess because you spent your money for something else and also not making an Logistic center where you can make your ref collect resources twice as fast and make your truck double speed too, very important, sell empty ref.
Entertainment value: 7/ 10
The game from Mig was really nice example how to play with Cartel, being an aggressive player to scare and cripple your opponent and then mass expanding and taking map control while transitioning in to spectres and securing a win in a longer game. USa player played very passive, Its hard to tell what was his real plan, maybe Cartel player just did not let him do what he really wanted. Usa player pretty much lost due to map control and low income. If you want to win, as I mention you must build fast FOB's, which you had just 1 actually, capture banks, make upgrades from Logistic center asap and get map control yourself. Usa player had way too little forces due to his low income and it resulted an easy win for Cartel player in longer game.
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#3galesyoo  Nov 28 2015, 03:57 AM -
Replays: 19
On my side, I basically gave up the banks knowing he already has the map control and of course Mig's jackal micro. I thought if I kept spending marines for securing banks, his jackal would just only clear it up immediately so I thought its a bad investment and waste of oil. My lack of anticipation and preparedness towards the early harass of cartel made me lose this game. A piece of advice to give to myself after this game is if you are to go against cartel, better be quick on training infantries to counter early harassment and build up vehicles bay to counter jackals. GGWP
#4Fargo  Nov 28 2015, 08:13 AM -
True true, but also do not forget that rpg's into the building owns jackals, e.g if you have 2rpg it will own 1 jackal easy, if you have 5, it will kill 3 jackals, so you still could take banks in mid - late game, and what could be even better to make a bunker at each bank smile.gif
It will clean bank automatically for you and you just need to come and take it smile.gif And you will be quite secured
#5galesyoo  Nov 28 2015, 11:19 AM -
Replays: 19
really? i thought rpg wont reach the jackals hahaha. Will definetly try that (y)
#6Fargo  Nov 28 2015, 15:56 PM -
USA rpg's have quite decent rage
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