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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED]AoA Social Evening #2 1v1 mini series, match #1

#1lug00ber  Dec 13 2015, 19:43 PM -
Replays: 25 Game:
A cheesy win for AUTblinder biggrin.gif
#2Maru  Dec 13 2015, 19:56 PM -

I was going for a sneaky win my self lol, The commanches killed most of his base but not fast enough!!

Quite a good game this one actually I would say it's worth a watch for sure.
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#3Araton  Dec 17 2015, 13:14 PM -
Replays: 33 Game:
Nice game!

Review is on the way!
#4Maru  Dec 17 2015, 17:31 PM -

Honestly can't wait, this game was actually really fun! The ending is sneaky as hell but it's VERY close.
#5Araton  Dec 17 2015, 19:39 PM -
Ins[a]ne|-Genera1 (Cartel)
Build order: Single oil and aluminum refineries, barracks, takes bank, single oil, extension modules with double KMAXes, vehicle bay, another barracks

  • Takes banks very early on his side of the map.
  • You used a solid balanced build and took the banks to supplement your economy and make up for not building double refineries.
  • You seem to know your way with banks. You know how to clear them efficiently using napalm and jackals and then taking them. Empties AUTblinder’s near base bank using 3 sneaky Jackals and got away with it. That hurt AUTBlinder’s eco a ton. Especially because he only put his men in a few minutes ago. After that you take AUTBlinder’s middle bank. Well done!
  • Utilizing non-recon KMAXes to scout. Very well done. You scouted whether your opponent had detection in his base and decided to go for Black Ops. This time it was done for a purpose.
  • Finished Black Ops around 17 minutes and started producing a Tokamak reactor, Helipad and Comanches from there to snipe AUTBlinder’s HQ. It seemed you had a plan and that plan was well executed.
  • You only need one KMAX if you are building nearby extension modules. Make sure you not oversaturate your refineries and waste money.
  • Forgot about 2 POWs that were lying next to your refineries just waiting for the taking. Bad POW management.
  • Losing Superhinds to exploding refineries and buildings. Make sure you steer your Superhinds away from low HP buildings and utilize BREMs to repair damaged vehicles. Those Scorpios and Superhinds could’ve benefited from those sitting BREMs immensely.
  • Keep an eye on your production queues and keep producing units while being aggressive to support your main army either by launching a side attack to divide your opponent’s attention or to do damage somewhere else. If for nothing, you can still keep them at your base and defend attacks such as that Superhind capture squad AUTBlinder pulled on you. This time it costed you the game.
Build order: Heavy oil opener, Double oil, barracks, single aluminum refinery, vehicle bay, takes bank later

  • Nice use of vehicle and infantry compositions. You seem to know how to mix units and keep them together to survive for longer.
  • You should think about utilizing extension modules to increase your income rate from faraway refineries.
  • Nice and steady expanding, while being aggressive.
  • You are a very diligent POW collector.
  • Taking the enemy’s base with an unexpected strike force of Superhinds and late tech infantry.
  • Try and scout your opponent’s base with not so expensive scout units as the Recon KMAX. Trust me losing that early game is one way to go down as Cartel. Make use of transport K-Maxes instead. Those only cost 175$ and are as fast as the Recon KMAX, but have a reduced sight.
  • You used empty Superhinds to harass KMAX-es. Next time try to put in one or two contractors and try to force your opponent to sell their refinery instead. That hurts them more.
  • No attempt to secure your stolen banks.
  • Losing infantry to factory explosions. Try and steer away from low health buildings especially refineries, power plants and logistical bays. Their explosion may damage or even kill your units and could turn the tables instantly.
  • Nice way of taking your opponent’s HQ but not having detection at your base and not scouting your opponent was an invitation for those Comanches. Make sure you collect Intel about your opponent or at least set up perimeter defenses to prepare for anything, which is the lazy route but still better than nothing.
Entertainment value: 6 / 10
The game was entertaining to watch. Especially the end, but there weren’t any multi-pronged attacks. Not much late game tech used. This was kind of disappointing especially because the game was longer than 22 minutes.
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#6Maru  Dec 18 2015, 17:10 PM -

Honestly mate, this was a really good review, very accurate and offered some useful advice. Thank you very much! Much wub.gif
#7Araton  Dec 21 2015, 10:35 AM -
Replays: 33 Game:
Selected for replay of the week. Really nice game and exciting to watch. See you guys on the next social evening smile.gif
#8Maru  Dec 22 2015, 14:11 PM -

nice biggrin.gif I should be able to make next sunday, the poker tournament I was playing in I have had to cancel because I need the 215 dollar buy in for spending lol.
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