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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Cartel vs US another close game

Walk Through The Valley Of Death 1v1
Walk Through The Valley Of Death 1v1
#1Fargo  Sep 28 2015, 23:42 PM -
Someone had a lead at the beginning with the harass and later almost lost the game due big army push but managed to clear push after losing a lot of buildings, enjoy
#2-Netput  Sep 30 2015, 18:43 PM -
Build order: Barracks, refinery on oil, refinery on aluminum

  • I liked that you placed a Viper in each bank. Gives you that little extra protection against harassment
  • During your first quick attack the positioning of your Scorpio was perfect. Dealing damaging to harvesters without getting damage and shooting at the refinery when no harvester was nearby
  • Lovely capture of the 3rd bank
  • Decent pressure during the early game
  • When your first Scorpio moved out you noticed he went very eco heavy. Work with that intel. Build a few more ground forces and totally shred his eco before it gets up.
  • You lost a lot of Superhinds for no reason. Don't let them fly over harvesters when shooting them. They will kill your superhinds
  • Not a fan of your second vehicle bay before black ops. There is no way you can support massing tanks out 2 of them, so why even try? It is better to get the tech.
  • Not capturing enemy soldiers made me really cry inside. There were tons of injured soldiers on the map. Get them for the income boost! This counts for early/mid and late game.
Build order: 2 refineries on oil, barracks, refinery on aluminum

  • The LEM near your 2 oil fields is a nice move
  • Both a pro as a con, you are very eco orientated.
  • You sold the refineries when there was no aluminum left.
  • Although the mix of your units in your bank is great. It isn't that great early game. The mix of marine/javelin/stinger is really expensive and slows your eco game down. Start with marines only at start and slowly replace them with the right mix. This will really help your early game
  • You keep reacting to your opponents action. Take some action yourself! Harass him with a humvee and a few units. Just don't only react. Let him sweat a bit as well
  • At the mid game you attacked 'your' second bank were his refinery was located with all your forces. Due to that, you lost your entire middle eco. Why don't simply bring a few units there and keep the middle safe?
  • Prisoners were not captured by you either
Entertainment value: 7 / 10
A nice game between equally skilled players. Fargo was stronger in the early game due to some nice harassment. Due to some micro mistakes letsrock was able to come back. The middle of the game was a bit dull because both players were getting their eco and upgrades up. Nice and exciting late game though. Very close for sure! biggrin.gif
#3Fargo  Sep 30 2015, 21:29 PM -
Thank you a lot Netput again, yeah I'm not too careful with my air, gotta be more patient with them, also I guess I made second factory because I knew his push will come soon, but it it a bit later, but yeah its not good idea seems like it.
Yeah Im so lazy to capture his prisoners because infintry units so slow, haha biggrin.gif
#4OptiCal  Oct 5 2015, 11:58 AM -
Replays: 12 Game:
nice game smile.gif
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