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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] We are men! 2vs2

#1OptiCal  Oct 22 2015, 06:00 AM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Fun and games Chimera vs USA.
#2galesyoo  Oct 22 2015, 09:56 AM -
Replays: 19
I can't believe US can we wiped out by infantries from chimera. fun game to watch! keep the replays coming (y)
#3Maru  Oct 22 2015, 22:20 PM -
Amazing game well worth a watch.

Red team USA
  • Strong early game harassment putting early game pressure upon your opponents.
  • Amazing job at countering the immense pressure put under you and with interesting strategy's
  • Using transport heli spam from Predator to assist Birnensaft even after suffering a mighty blow him self.
  • Good push from Birnensaft towards the end of the game in attempt to secure a swift victory and put the pressure back onto the Chimera.
  • You were rather late taking the middle. Your own bank was left plain empt for an extremely long period of time. You were dual USA v Chimera so consider sending a Recon (and a second later) to secure the mid banks killing approaching Felins.
  • Consider building Snipers to combat the Grenadier spam.
Blue Team Chimera
  • Really amazing team work, I just loved the co-ordination with Namers and Grenadiers sent in together to cripple your enemy.
  • Good economy and unit diversification, lots of different unit types out on the field which really made this replay enjoyable.
  • You also left the middle bank uncontested for a large period of time, with neither side occupying it at all. Try not to assume that it is occupied and consider at least scouting it with an infantry unit.
Entertainment value: 8.5/ 10
Here we have a 2v2 on a very popular map with four of the very best players in the game right now. An absolutely thrilling USA v Chimera match. The Red USA team consisting of Birnensaft and Predator had a strong early offensive on the left hand side against the more geographically exposed base of AndreB's Chimera putting him under stress early on. This was nicely countered by some terrific team play by the Blue team's AndreB and Optical. They worked well co-ordinating their attacks perfectly to turn the tables and put Predator under immense pressure, which I couldn't believe he managed to resist. Some truly great harassment from Chimera with an extremely diverse strategy involving Namers and Grenadiers. Birnensaft's USA did however come to his allies aid sending not only troops to help ease the burden put upon Predator but also send a considerable army into Opticals Chimera base. How did the game end? Well I'll leave that one up to you to see for your self.

-Promoted to Silver replay congratulations along with

-Gold replay contender to be decided upon in due course.
#4Fargo  Oct 24 2015, 08:22 AM -
Good game
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