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Act of Aggression

3x3 Nice, active and good team work game!

#1^miGn1  Oct 16 2016, 22:49 PM -
Replays: 18
Hello everyone.
It was really nice 3x3 game I had random guys team and had really nice team help and push.
We had played vs really good players and as always had fun.

And again I really respect players who like to play aggressive and giving to everyone hard time.

Hope you enjoy watching!

#2Blacksun075  Oct 19 2016, 12:48 PM -
Replays: 23
Your behavior is quite awfull, actually. You don't say 'gg' when you lost, or you delete people from your friendlist because you lost against them. You are what we call a 'bad loser'. You do only post the replay you won too.
#3^miGn1  Oct 19 2016, 13:40 PM -
Replays: 18
you keep texting everywhere swearing, you out our mind man biggrin.gif
Looks like I'm all your world smile.gif
I've removed you because you swearing too much you texting shit all the time and that's it.
Now go live your life ;]
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