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Act of Aggression

[Reviewed] wonk(Ca) vs ZxGanon(Ch) insane game

A River Runs Through It 1v1
A River Runs Through It 1v1
#1ZxGanon  Sep 3 2015, 16:59 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
What an insane game guys and I tell you itīs not fun to play from behind. sad.gif


Enjoy the replay boys!
#2-Netput  Sep 3 2015, 18:04 PM -
Yay, you have been chosen for the first Act of Aggression review! biggrin.gif

Build order: Barracks / refinery / barracks
  • I loved that you used your scout unit to deny capture of his bank
  • Your harvesters saved you. Awesome little control in those units to counter his fast drop attacks
  • The transition in ninja's to counter his Superhind was THE move of the game. Ninja's brought you back on the field
  • Namers, finally a use for them! Low on oil but rich on aluminum, go get them! happy.gif
  • After your initial bank opening you constructed a refinery on aluminium first. You probably want to construct a warfactory first. You were very vulnerable against a fast otomatic attack.
  • You wasted a few ninja's by not paying attention. Although very strong against k-max, they are very fragile!
Build order: 2 refinery (1 oil, 1 aluminum) + barracks
  • Lovely fast drop attack. Great use of the garrison feature near the refinery.
  • Placing that fast expansion module greatly increased your income rate
  • I absolutely LOVED that you scouted the enemy with a k-max before you moved in.
  • Your transition was off. Next time only build ~3 superhinds and then move to otomatics. You had him in the ropes! Next time use oto's to finish him off.
  • Nice evacuation out of the bank when targeted, you forgot about them for ~5-10min though. Wasted a lot of money there.
  • You seemed to be a bit confused when your first attack was defended. Try to come up with a gameplan when that happens.
Entertainment value: 8,5 / 10
A great game to watch. Action for early to late game. Constant harassment and fighting. A few mistakes from wonk made him lose this game. Very well played by ZxGanon. Would really recommend watching this one!
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#3Derek  Sep 4 2015, 22:40 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
ZxGanon, you started with 4 crushers on you oil. You later went up to 6. Only 2 are necessary for the starting oil before you upgrade, and only 3 are needed after the upgrade. I really liked the triple bank opening though.

Also, why do so many people get an early extension module? That early in the game you shouldn't be floating, and it doesn't really speed up mining, so unless I'm missing something, what's the point?
#4ZxGanon  Sep 4 2015, 23:05 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Pretty easy it is just there to store my aluminum to not getting stuck because you need a lot even after shield protocol but you cannot afford it so early.

The stuff with the crushers only happend because I was still afraid of Superhind attacks and totally forgot about the "extra" crushers.
#5Onyx  Sep 6 2015, 07:37 AM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Wow ZxGanon, please teach meeee sad.gif
That was insane
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