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Act of Aggression

Helloooo :D <3 Competitive player? Noobs?

Walk Through The Valley Of Death 1v1
Walk Through The Valley Of Death 1v1
#1Blacksun075  Oct 21 2016, 10:42 AM -
Replays: 23
1 vs 1, victory again... Actually, no one can beat SEX PARTY! He let no chance to the opponent to win, to have a little chance to win! Okay, have to admit : very low number of realy competitive player (I mean people who think a little bit how the game works, and change the strategy to adapt to the opponent. I though in the beginning ^miG was a competitive one, but like a lot of other player, always the same strategy, thats why he was PWNED in the second game, understood his strategy). I think it would be honest to use the word 'noob'.
When I win, opponent say always : Yes, its because the game is unbalanced ! Even I would take Chimera and the other guy Cartel, it would be the same result. Bad noobs have to work on a strategy, to think about how the game works! And to be reactive.
Bye bye sweeties,
XXX <3
Your lovely SEX PARTY
#2Salbramahibi  Oct 21 2016, 11:49 AM -
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Well, there are at least a hand full competitive players.

The question is: "Why donīt they play 1v1 matches against players like you?" or
"Why donīt you post these replays, where you might have lost?" xD
I donīt care about that, but it Looks like everyone just wants to Show up his trophys here. xD xD
#3Blacksun075  Oct 21 2016, 12:55 PM -
Replays: 23
Well, I did not lost since long time... I lost certain match, then watched the replay and understood the mistakes, then and I didn't lost matches against the same players.
Most of the players play again again and again gardien rift, that's for the hell boring (like they stay with the same 'patern' of technics)
Don't think they are a lot competitive player in the sense I've mentioned. And this 'controverse' about posting the replay you won : Where would be the problem? "Omg, everyone is gonna see my tactic and it won't work anymore" have I heard. Well, if you are competitive, you adapt and change it, it's up to you.
Instead competitive player, a lot of 'bad losers' and fans addicted with spam technics(fortunatelly restrained in the reboot) : Terminator spam, namer spam etc...
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