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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Game with low income both sides!

A River Runs Through It 1v1
A River Runs Through It 1v1
#1^miGn1  Nov 21 2015, 21:33 PM -
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Low income because in small map as always I like fast bunker rush. However I failed to do it but anyway enemy got some loss. close game!
#2Fargo  Nov 25 2015, 05:52 AM -
Chimera player Ncore really quite nicely defended vs fast bunker cheese, just an nice idea how you can defend vs it but after I wasn't big fan how you got flag upgrade to try to capture his buildings, I don't it can work, maybe you thought he have nothing left? It would have been better if you just take your banks and get income from it. Your harassment with Ninjas was beautiful, you really must have made Cartel player frustrated.

After your bunker rush Mig, I was not sure if you were ahead or behind, but you played really nice afterwards, killing his refinery with your hind drop, cleaning his banks with Jackal, later with Hinds.

Cartel player after his successful harass, expand everywhere and with fast big army kept attacking enemy refineries, making him very cripple, I'm not sure what Chimera player could have done in this situation, make few bunkers to defend your ref and then try to make some stronger units like terminators or pumas with long range upgrade, because snipers seemed not the best idea.
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#3Araton  Dec 19 2015, 19:18 PM -
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