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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] football13tb vs Maze

A River Runs Through It 1v1
A River Runs Through It 1v1
#1football13tb  Sep 19 2015, 17:29 PM -
Replays: 1
football13tb victorious in ranked 1v1 match against Maze.
#2Onyx  Sep 20 2015, 04:43 AM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Level 25

  • Re-gained bank with sniper
  • Usage of Stryker MC to counter enemies MG nest push
  • F-35B Lightning jet used to counter enemies tanks which was extremely effective
  • Usage of FOB for a faster gathering of resources
  • Playing offensively as much as he could from all the pressure
  • Countered super weapon twice with patrior
  • Went for Abrams as soon as possible
  • Played too defensively
  • Went on low power which was a huge impact on the game
  • Lost almost all his Guardians and did not control them away from the raptors
  • Forced Maze to spend money on a patriot
  • Should have sold helipad for some income
Level 17

  • Captured Mazes bank giving him a total of three banks
  • Expanded quickly early game
  • Upgraded shredders allowing double the amount of speed of transportation to destination
  • Used MG nests offensively giving him the upper hand
  • Upgraded MG nests allowing them to deal damage towards structures
  • Upgraded infantry allowing them to deal damage from a long distance, giving him control of the match
  • Extremely smart move making raptors to counter Mazes F-35B jets
  • Made Superweapon before Maze had a chance to do so
  • Usage of FOB for a faster gathering of resources
  • Launched a super weapon destroying Mazes base
  • Great move by football using his raptors to completely ravage Mazes guardians
  • The most amazing super weapon launch destroying almost ALL of mazes tanks
  • Used Himars long range upgrade to completely destroy Mazes base from a good distance
  • Used litte bird to get a detection of base to allow Himars to attack
  • Didn't take over bank on his side, even though he had control of it from the start
  • Did not sell depleted refineries
  • Lost too many jets
  • Stopped producing tanks instead depended on super weapons and jets for a while
  • Wasted 3 nukes on an army of tanks and missed two shots
Entertainment value: 9/10
This match started quite similar and was indeed an actual mirror, both good plays by our fellow players giving this game a rating of 9/10 I definitely recommend watching this! Grab your popcorn! There is every type of unit involved in this game and lots of super weapons launched!
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#3Maru  Oct 1 2015, 22:29 PM -
Wow great game, those two missed super weapons made me cringe tongue.gif Well played both players.
#4OptiCal  Oct 16 2015, 17:52 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Not really one who likes mirror match's but this one was pretty entertaining. Football had the right idea, and won on penalties smile.gif
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