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Act of Aggression

[REVIWED] Cartel King

A River Runs Through It 1v1
A River Runs Through It 1v1
#1galesyoo  Jan 5 2016, 03:57 AM -
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I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough. Where did I go wrong?

anyways, Chimera vs Cartel action packed. I really can't understand how he could have resources at long game. GGWP. reviews will be appreciated. cheers!
#2^miGn1  Jan 5 2016, 04:06 AM -
Replays: 18
Well first of it I was about to surrender when you had destroyed my all refiners.
However I have continues and had very lucky time to attack galesyoo and destroy his super weapons so I had second chance! Had to sweat a lot to make it possible biggrin.gif
galesyoo GG
#3galesyoo  Jan 5 2016, 04:32 AM -
Replays: 19
I hate you man. HAHAHA. even though you contributed a whole lot of losses in my rank but still every game with you I learned a lot <3 in my side I really don't like playing games that exceeds 20 mins up cuz I get tired easily which results to stupid decisions like placing my superweapons at the entrance of my base (WTF was I thinking!) and lack of anticipation of superweapons.

I will just put it here maybe people will complain again for cheezy tactics like what I did spamming Exosoldiers. Cartel is an EXPEDITIOUS faction that holds many units which are fast and versatile like Hinds, jackal, etc. which is hard to counter on early-to-mid game. For me the only unit in chimera that could counter Cartel's swift units are Exosoldiers. Hence, I annoyed you a lot on capturing and destroying your refinery on outer skirts HAHA! but still i lost </3 . GGWP mate!
#4Maru  Jan 6 2016, 16:53 PM -
^miG Cartel
Build order: 1xRefinery Oil 1xBarracks 1xRefinery Aluminium

  • Pretty good micro with your hinds, it's easy to lose them to a turret heavy enemy but you managed to keep all of them up and running despite this.
  • Nice use of turrets to defend the key choke points on the map along with your banks.
  • Really well held out, you suffered extreme early game pressure, losing all of your outlying resource buildings but you held it together and with the help of a well timed counter attack, turned the tables which you were able to capitalise on
  • The area around your opponents left bank was undefended from a turret, moving in some jackals would have enabled you to clear out his bank quickly and with relative ease. Also your Hinds could have taken down the refinery.
  • Having a stronger presence at the choke points (bridges) would have helped you defend against exosoldiers as they are obviously land based units and cannot travel across the water.
galesyoo Chimera
Build order: 1x Refinery Oil(Extraction upgrade) 1x Refinery Aluminium

  • Good early defence, use of the turret spam was key to defending against early game Superhind harassment.
  • Great use of groups of Exosoliders to defend against Superhinds. Their speed enabled them to easily catch the slow moving hind.
  • Really nice to see use of the Antey-2500 to defend your base against superweapons
  • I feel you went for your terminators just a little too late, having spent lots of money on planes instead. I would consider buying Ninja's to harass the Kmax's and focus on getting Terminators instead of PaKFa's
  • Really good harassment of the enemy early to mid game, I think you left your self a little open to counter-attack by not building up a strong army, instead opting for various weaker options to attack enemy resources.
  • It's a shame you lost both of your super weapons before you could fire them. The underlying issue here was you spent a lot of money on what I consider to be luxury items, which can be great, but you left your self open to counter attack because you simply didn't have the units on the ground. Consider getting a strong defence force first, then opting for the game ending weaponry such as super weapons.
Entertainment value: 6.5 / 10
The game has a really slow start with nothing really happening right up until over half way through, then the game certainly heats up. The winner is hard to determine up until the last few minutes as there is a lot of back and forth with use of big expensive weaponry. Some interesting unit types being used, but nothing too crazy. Overall quite a nice game, well played to both involved.
#5galesyoo  Jan 7 2016, 10:16 AM -
Replays: 19
Definitely tried working on the tips and applied it on my latest games and it was a success. Thanks for the tips and the great review Maru ! Keep it going
#6Maru  Jan 7 2016, 14:36 PM -

You're welcome smile.gif It's nice to hear feedback also, if you like the reviews we shall keep them coming!

And yeah essentially mate you had put a lot of pressure on the Cartel but unfortunately they were able to counter attack with a really large concentrated force and you didn't have the troops on the ground to counter it. If you had got Terms, just a little bit earlier you would have been able to stop him and win the game smile.gif

Nicely played though, I was really impressed.
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