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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Quite close game, a lot of harras

Battle Sight Zero 1v1
Battle Sight Zero 1v1
#1Fargo  Sep 21 2015, 14:28 PM -
As tittle says, any times are welcome, thanks guys
#2-Netput  Sep 21 2015, 18:11 PM -
Fargo lvl 6
Build order: barracks, 1 oil, 1 aluminum, 1 oil, vehicle bay

  • Early oto aggression to take down a few harvesters
  • While attacking, you kept expanding
  • Banks are important indeed my sir!
  • Forward barracks aggression to take banks back
  • Great usage of the Brem to heal your units. 1 tip here though, in the current patch Brem will not repair each other any more, but heal at a constant small rate. Make sure to keep that in mind. The usage of multiple Brem's will not be as strong any more.

  • You attacked from both flanks with otomatics early on. Yet you decided to group up. Just keep them split and take down a few more k-max. Don't focus on his single tank. You had 3. Keep driving and killing his eco!
  • When your bank is getting cleared, make sure to evacuate your troops. You probably won't save your troops with it, but it does buy you precious time to get in some reinforcements.
  • Not too sure about all those forward barracks. In the end you won because you were simply better. Not because of those forward barracks. I did like the placement of the one near the top bank + his base tho. The one of the bottom right was poor. Try to hide that one a bit better.
  • Due to the extremely aggressive forward barracks tactic, you had no main army. Be careful with that. A stronger opponent will sweet you away.

XxPromixX lvl 11
Build order: barracks, 2 oil, aluminum, vehicle bay

  • I liked that you constantly tried to clear the banks he occupied
  • Nice use of the extension module. This really speeds up your collection rate.
  • Well done with fending off his initial harassment

  • You are way to passive. Both in the eco and the army game. You did not expand enough and you only attacked once.
  • Right after he lost a few Oto's in your base, you should have figured out he had nearly nothing himself anymore. Go out and poke the bear! You can always return safely to your base
  • When you attack, have a few more Scorpio's in the mix. They are great for dealing damage. Oto's take a huge amount of damage, but are really slow with killing buildings.
Entertainment value: 5,5 / 10
Overall this was a pretty one sided game. Quick harassment that was enjoyable, but could be executed better. From there Fargo already won the eco game. XxPromixX being to passive made this a ok-ish game to watch. Fargo has talent though. Only level 6 and already playing this good. Keep an eye on him!
#3Fargo  Sep 21 2015, 19:07 PM -
Thanks a lot for review smile.gif
#4-Netput  Sep 22 2015, 08:13 AM -
you're welcome.
Hopefully it was helpful happy.gif
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