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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Le epic mirror

#1Hossah  Sep 17 2015, 13:59 PM -
Replays: 7
dotDash vs Szalami in a long US mirror with most of the arsenal used. Be prepared to see recking himars, clutch nukes, crazy air forces, good ol' strykers, destroyed main bases... and much more! biggrin.gif
#2Maru  Sep 17 2015, 19:44 PM -
Replay of the Week contender

I'm putting the summary first in this game because I think it is one of those games that is worth a watch without knowing who the winner is before hand. This is a great game truly worth a watch between two of the best players in the game at the moment. The unique choices they made really ensure this game sticks out above the rest. I'm going to stay away from giving tips in this game as I'm quite frankly outclassed, and the blindingly obvious mistakes I saw will have been picked up by the players them selves.

Entertainment Value 9/10 And it would have been higher except for the map and current game meta which revolves around a huge economy before either player lifts a finger and builds troops. Rather boring first 10 minutes but it certainly picks up once the money comes flooding in.


PENTA Sports dotDash
2xRefinery on starting Oil 1xRefinery on starting Aluminium 1x Barracks 1xRefinery starting Aluminium

  • The very first of many good points from this player was the division of troops sent to the starting banks. Instead of filling one bank and then the other, troops were sent to both banks alternately to ensure one could not be stolen by a quick bank rush from the enemy.
  • Always seemed to be one small step ahead of opponent getting out significant units. Whether it be Guardian spam, or Himars or Hercules in Ospreys they were out harassing first.
  • Great use of Ospreys with Hercules to soak up incoming enemy fire and to heal the aircraft on the move.
  • Fantastic use of second base, you kept calm under the onslaught of enemy Himars and built a secondary base.
  • Great recovery nothing more to add. You used your superweapons wisely and calmly fought your way back into the game.
  • I save the best until last, at first I thought you were slacking and dropping artillery in the enemy base only to die and inflict minimal damage, but then I realised... You dropped artillery to take out the single defending patriot missile loading with anti nuke missiles, upon which you launched nukes into the enemy base which surly won you the game. One the fine moments in gaming that make replays truly worth watching.
  • Building Phalanx turrets in your first base would have stemmed the tide of incoming Himar rounds.
PENTA Sports Szalami
1xRefinery Oil, 1xRefinery Alumiunium 1x Barracks 1xRefinery secondary oil supply.

  • Again the first of many good points and to write them all down would spoil the fun and take an eternity. Used humvees with Javelins to cut off key choke points outside the enemies base.
  • Great use of mortars loaded into Humvees at the start to apply early pressure to the enemy base.
  • Again, nice use of Ospreys with Hercules to soak up incoming damage and heal Guardians on the move.
  • The Himar spam was nothing short of incredible, you managed to completely wipe out the opposing base, and push forward to attempt to win the game. Only a well timed Nuke from the enemy stemmed your advance.
  • Use of Blazers to defend your Himars from enemy Javelin and Aircraft spam was really effective.
  • Don't bunch Himars as they provide a nice target for enemy incoming.
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#3LuckyCharms  Sep 19 2015, 08:23 AM -
Replays: 17 Game:
Badass match, so many omfg moments... well played both!
#4Hossah  Sep 19 2015, 20:04 PM -
Replays: 7
Thank you for the review! smile.gif
#5Maru  Sep 19 2015, 20:34 PM -
Thank you for the review! smile.gif

You are welcome
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