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Act of Aggression

Predatorrrr vs. Szalami1 over one and a half hour

#11szalami1  Dec 30 2015, 00:00 AM -
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I didn't have a force in the early game because I went for Defcon 1 right away. And it was just a fun game for us. biggrin.gif
With the HIMARS you have a very difficult tradeoff: Hold fire and risk the Abrams killing your base or keep firing and probably kill POWs. Those rockets fly for a few seconds and that makes the decision hard.

In the late stages of the game you just dont want to attack your enemy point blank because you leave a lot of POWs around. Thats why I went for sneaky attacks instead of big tank blobs. You also have to consider that the casters see everything. As players we dont because we both locked up our bases pretty tight to prevent scouting. It was really crazy to manage the resources in this game and I think Szalami agrees. My attack landed on only two Admin Centers because I did not see the others.

SWempire (General Malcolm) was on our TS channel and told us that we were missing one rare earth, which I did not hear but Szalami did. We better get a seperate TS channel next time or kick SWempire out.

No i dont said that.. i dont know that you have more 1 RE.. I said this "If you build up red earth extractor i just wanted to rush for your RE extractor and dont let you get that" because i tought you runned out of RE
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