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Act of Aggression

^miG (Cartel) vs Urs E (US)

Here Lie The Heroes 1v1
Here Lie The Heroes 1v1
#1^miGn1  Oct 5 2016, 19:27 PM -
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I've noticed less players playing as Cartel because it's too hard win games.
On this replay you find out how to control game with Cartel.
Hope you enjoy.
Also I started review replays on YouTube. I have long way to improve haha.
please find link below:
#2AllYourSinsRemembered  Oct 6 2016, 12:18 PM -
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This map favors cartel, here is why:

In order for US to gain map control you have to go for choppers for the middle bank AND a vehicle bay to control the map, because infantry is so slow. In the meantime, Cartel got both with one building, the Vehicle Bay. The US player can either focus on the middle banks or the expansions in early/mid game.

Second, Cartel infantry is superior to the US infantry when taking banks. As soon as the Cartel player got the middle banks it requires delta units to clear them or a massive massive amount of infantry (not counting in the fact that the choppers will get killed during their approach. When the US players tries to take the middle banks, he will probably leave a lot of POWs behind, which are crucial for the Cartel player. Thats why the US player HAS TO go for the middle banks first, which is a daunting task with the dustoffs. In the meantime the US player cannot expand his base, he needs humvees with Javelins to defend against scorpios.

When the US player goes for humvees only he needs to invest a lot of resources to do so, not being able to build refineries in the meantime. Furthermore the map is big, which prevents fast attacks with humvees and fast reinforcements. The Cartel Player can just tech up, get infantry and turrets and wait it out, while the Cartel Player can take the middle banks and gain the economy edge over the US player.

Did you ever lose on this map?
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