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Act of Aggression

Cruelty VS Onyx

#1Onyx  Sep 9 2015, 23:47 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Was a just for fun game! Cruelty going easy on me tongue.gif
#2-UBeR\MiCrO`  Sep 10 2015, 03:00 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
cruelty big noob
GG WP onyx
#3Derek  Sep 10 2015, 06:13 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
If you're going against a mostly air based army, get Ninjas. They're much cheaper, build fast, and thanks to stealth they get a x2 damage bonus on most shots.

Also, remember to check all the resource locations for expansions and clear banks during down time. You left two undefended refineries alone until they were almost mined out, and you let him control three banks (one right outside your base) that you could have easily cleared with tigers.
#4RANGROO  Sep 14 2015, 03:14 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Never knew you could use an osprey as a repair chopper with a hercules inside it. Could you transport an abrams in an osprey?
#5Cruelty  Sep 17 2015, 11:43 AM -
Replays: 27 Game:
You just had to upload this didnt u onyx XD was a fun game tho, trying out mass chopper haha
#6Onyx  Sep 17 2015, 22:35 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
I was hoping you wouldn't notice biggrin.gif
Sorry, but was a really fun game
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