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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Good game Cartel vs USA

Battle Sight Zero 1v1
Battle Sight Zero 1v1
#11Larry Flynt  Oct 22 2015, 13:26 PM -
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Jeah thatīs the thing... you īre screwed when you lose your HQ as Cartel... everybody knows that, you canīt affort building another HQ .

you played pretty well and he lost so many ressources during early game + you had 2 Banks over a quite long period of time.

I dont see any way to face his army directly...
There are a lot of balancing issues, doesnīt anybody see this?

It canīt be the purpose of the game developers that cartel HAS TO escape any type of army in order to win. Thatīs not micro anymore, thatīs bullshit

The anti air units you ve build are expensive and couldnt do shit...

i wonder if they put down 1 of his helis?

iīm used to playing Cartel only ... but i think they have to balance some things in order to let cartel doesnt look like a joke...

you played way better then your opponent how could he even have an army thatīs able to kill yours.....

#12Fargo  Oct 23 2015, 08:20 AM -
Hey,thanks for a comment, I was thinking exactly the same actually, that's why I have posted this rep to seek if there any answer. I had map control, eco advantage and I suppose to have better army, but guess what, guardians shoot from 10 miles away, so how can I even come close when he can just run away and keep firing?biggrin.gif ANd even if by luck I catch if off guard, even them he would have a lot of blazzers to neutralize my rpgs post-13661-1143531603.gif I realized that my air was useless, I guess I haven't killed even one of his guardians, haha biggrin.gif
I think the biggest problem is guardian range, they must make it same as hinds, then it would make some sense, because now USA eco is the best, with cheap and strong tanks they can do timings to cripple you or even beat you or they can just make guardians alone, or guardians and tanks together or even air planes, seems so many strong choices for USA army, anyway a bit of rant biggrin.gif
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