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Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 Weapons Index

There are five sets of weapons found in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Each of the classes has their own specific roles and weapons tailored to suit their own separate requirements. The classes found in Bad Company 2 are the following:

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The Assault class is designed with the sole purpose of killing bad guys and blowing stuff up. This class is equipped with a range of assault rifles. Some suit long range, some suit close range, and a few are fantastic all-around. There is a range of 40mm attachments for these weapons to add to the overall effectiveness of the Assault class.

The Engineer class is equipped with sub machine guns and machine pistols. These weapons excel in quiet, stealth like combat. However, they are handicapped in long range combat, where they are harder to handle and do less damage. Engineers are also equipped with rocket launchers for anti-vehicle combat.

The Medic class serves a less offensive purpose on the battlefield. They are first and foremost designed to revive fallen team mates, however to protect themselves they carry light machine guns which boast large magazines. While these guns can certainly kill enemies, their ability to suppress is unsurpassed in Bad Company 2.

The Recon class carry high powered sniper rifles which excel in mid to long range combat. They can play many roles on the battlefield, from long range reinforcement to assisting in the capturing and clearing of areas with the tools they carry.

All Kit weapons class are that can be equipped by every class in the game. They can aid classes in performing in circumstances where they would otherwise fail. Shotguns, which help players excel at close range combat, are found in this class.

The purpose of this index is to provide the user with advice and knowledge that will allow them to perform better overall. Good luck and see you on the Battlefield!