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XM8 Prototype
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The XM8 rifle was a prototype weapon designed for the American army as a possible replacement for the M16 assault rifle, though the project was cancelled in 2005. It was developed by the German company Heckler and Koch and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from several combat weapons to a light machine gun. The XM8 assault rifle variety comes with a gas-operated rotating-bolt system and can spit out a respectable 750 rounds per minute.


Fire Mode: Fully-Automatic
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
Magazine Size: 30 rounds.
Reload time: 2.8 seconds.
Damage at 18M: 16.7
Damage at 64+M: 14.3

Out of the assault rifles in Bad Company 2, the XM8 is one of the more effective choices available to players. It's decent damage and high rate-of-fire deal a heavy hit in combat. Although the XM8 does have high recoil to accompany the high rate of fire, burst firing or tapping the weapons trigger counters this over long-distance. Because of this weapon's damage, it retains functionality over most ranges, though trying to place yourself at a middle distance and using the terrain to your advantage is recommended. Use the relatively short reload of the assault rifle to fire from one direction before moving quickly and engaging in combat again from a different position. The Body Armour or Marksman specialization are probably going to be best bet for this class, it doesn't really need the damage boost for most encounters, though it is a reasonable choice. Having the extra 25 hit points or increased accuracy for close quarters combat are generally more respectable however.

The iron sights for the XM8 rifle should prove to be fairly adequate, though equipping the Red Dot Sight can be helpful with target over distance. The x4 scope is perhaps unwise for XM8, particularly if not using the Marksman specialization, as your close quarters target-selection ability will be negatively impacted and it really isn't up to great use over distance due to the recoil. In common with most weapons in this game, burst- or tap-firing the weapon - particularly over long range - ensure that your bullets hit what you want them to hit.

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When used correctly the XM8 rifle will prove to be one of, if not the best, assault rifle in the game. Choosing the correct setup is vital for this weapons effectiveness. Assess the situation and adapt the class for it. In close quarters Body Armour is effective while over longer distances Marksman or Magnum ammo will prove more helpful. Use the terrain to your advantage and when in doubt, launch the 40mm grenades.

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