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The FN F2000 is designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. It is of a Bullpup layout and is ambidextrous, meaning both left and right handed users are capable of firing and reloading the rifle without being hampered by which hand they use. The safety and trigger mechanism were both adopted from the P-90 submachine gun, which is also made by FN Herstal. The F2000 is currently in operation with 10 nations, majority of them being special forces/operatives branches. The F2000 is equipped with a 1.6x telescopic sight as standard, in Bad Company 2 the sight has been removed in favour for the Picatinny rail.


Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 850 RPM
Magazine Size: 30 rounds
Reload time: 3.1 seconds
Damage at 18M: 12.5
Damage at 64M+: 12.5

Weapon Explained

The F2000 is obtainable by the Assault class at 8,100 points in Assault. Compared to its fellow assault rifles, it has the highest rate of fire of them all. On the other hand, it also has the lowest damage bullet, both at close range and long range. Though this my seem somewhat off putting at first, thanks to the latest patch (R9, as of writing) it gains a unique advantage over the other assault rifles by having reduced recoil penalties- when firing standing still, zoomed, on the move or zoomed moving. This means, that while it may not hit as hard as the other rifles, it is far more accurate, even when moving, making the F2000 a very mobile assault rifle. Due to its high rate of fire and superior recoil, 4-5 shot bursts for mid range targets are most effective, whilst keeping the trigger down for a 15 round burst is key to winning close quarters engagments thanks to its high rate of fire. A general rule with the F2000 is you can keep your finger on the trigger a little longer and get the same result. Keep an eye on your total ammo count because much like the MG3, it WILL chew through ammo at a very fast rate, so keeping yourself well stocked is advisable.

The ironsights of the F2000 are great in the fact that they take up very little screen space when used, which compliments the rifles greater accuracy/low recoil. The 'Red Dot Sight' is a solid option to choose, only further increasing its close to mid range targeting potential due to the sight being more open. Choosing the 4x Scope isnt necessarily a bad choice, its does allow you to make better use of the accuracy of the rifle, but will render it difficult in close combat ranges, were it effectively is better. Remember, firing on the move is also a strong point of the F2000.

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The F2000 doesn't hit as hard as the AN-94 or the M416 and should be used accordingly. Cover and concealment will be your greatest benefactor at getting in closer to the target. Whilst it may have the highest rate of fire of all the assault rifles, its no reason to go running into a gun fight, close quarters, and expecting to come out victorious. Picking the right time and place to the enter a firefight will work in your favour, due to its lower bullet damage your going to have to be more tactical to gain the kill. Using this weapon for close quarters and mid range is advised and should be one of the first weapons going into a house clearing or close combat engagement. The F2000 is also a highly mobile assault rifle, firing on move is the main advantage this rifle has above the others, so using it to provide fire when moving to another point of cover or strafe firing in a firefight will give you the upper hand against the more powerful weapons. Multiple targets at close range can overwhelm an F2000 user, spending a whole clip taking out two guys and then switching to your firearm to try and take out there buddy, who knows where you are, isn't as wise as taking out the two guys and retreating to a safe place to reload. Tackling targets at long range can be done with this rifle, its not as good at long range as it is close to mid range , but is feasible due to its low recoil, effectively yielding greater accuracy over shots fired. A pistol or the grenade launcher would better serve long range duties, having another weapon on long range targets helps conserve ammo for the F2000 when you need it most and also reduces the amount of reloading needed to keep you at optimal combat effectiveness. Be aggressive with the F2000, its what its there for, but don't put yourself at a disadvantage by being ignorant to its disadvantages.

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