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The M16 or 'the black rifle" has been the assault rifle of the US military in every fight it's been in since it replaced the popular M14 as standard issue in 1969 during the Vietnam War. It was designed by Eugene Stoner to be lightweight and ergonomic by liberally using advanced plastics and aluminium alloys. This rifle fires a small but lethal 5.56mm bullet at just under 1000 metres a second. The rifle featured in Bad Company 2 is the M16A2 model, a later improvement of the 1980's which among other modifications forgoes full automatic fire for a 3 round burst mode, in order to maintain accuracy and ammo conservation. The M16 is the most popular 5.56mm rifle in the world, serving in 15 NATO countries and 90 countries worldwide.


Fire Mode: 3 Round Burst
Rate of Fire: 800 Round per minute
Magazine Size: 30 Rounds
Reload time: 3.3 seconds
Damage at 18M: 14.3
Damage at 64M+: 14.3

The M16 is the final weapon unlocked in the assault rifle class. It has excellent accuracy, high rate of fire, good damage and can excel at all ranges. Equipping magnum ammunition gives the M16 a per burst damage rating of 53.625 giving you the ability to put an unarmored target down in 2 good bursts and should be considered essential. At close range this kind of accuracy is no problem, combine this with the sheer wall of lead effect that the M16s rate of fire can achieve and this is easily one of the most lethal and easy to use guns in the game. At longer ranges, increase the pause between bursts a bit for slightly better accuracy. Be aware that the natural spread of the 3 round burst does tend to degrade to the point that maybe only 2 out of 3 bullets in a well-aimed burst will actually hit their target. Make sure to keep an eye upon your ammo counter, the M16 can chew through ammo in tense situations.

The iron sights are more than adequate for most people; it doesn't obscure much screen space and is completely usable for close all the way out to long range if necessary. As always, the Red Dot is a good option if you prefer a more open view, or are just unable to use anything else. The M16 is frequently seen online equipped with a 4x ACOG scope to further utilize its superb accuracy.

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The M16 is an effective weapon in all scenarios but she really shines at the longer end of medium-long range combat. Think of the M16 as a counterpart to the AN94. Whereas the AN provides a touch more accuracy and ammo control over slightly longer ranges with its 2 round burst, the M16 provides a bit more raw killing power at closer ranges with its higher rate of fire.

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