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Smoke Launcher
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Unlike the other two 40mm attachments, the smoke grenade isn't designed for killing. It provides cover where there isn't cover and disguises your position. Its usage varies and should be embraced by anyone willing to use tactical knowledge to remove a threat, or get into a position.


Fire Mode: Single shot
Rate of Fire 1 round every 2.5 seconds
Magazine Size: 1
Reload time: 2.45 seconds
Damage Radius: None
Ammo box Resupply time: 3 seconds

IPB Image
As you can see, the 40mm smoke launcher sights are identical to that of the 40mm grenade launcher.

First off, you must understand how to use smoke. Often players will fire smoke with the intention of hiding themselves, but end up giving an enemy a form of cover to use while surprise attacking. If your running into a group of buildings in say, Arica Harbour smothering the general area with smoke obscures your view of the enemy and you would be better to take cover and slowly remove the opposing force. If you thought that retreating to another location may be the correct course of action, using smoke inside your building to block their view is wise. You cannot shoot what you can't see.

Smoke is perhaps best deployed when attempting to advance on an enemy location or base. Choose where you want to advance (the flanks work best) and smoke up the area NEXT to the way your running. The smoke should be beside you, rather than on top of you. This stops you getting lost and makes sure your heading in the right direction. If you are heading into territory with enemies most likely there, run in the smoke and risk getting lost rather than being easily seen.
The smoke grenade will one hit kill the enemy with a direct hit, so if your caught off guard it may be wise to try and hit them with smoke rather than swap to another weapon.

If your planning on travelling a long distance prepare to drop ammo boxes to keep yourself well supplied. The grenade belt specialization certainly helps out. Smoke works best when the enemy is busy, it screams "I'M SNEAKING RIGHT PAST YOU" if used in the open, or when they aren't having to focus on anything in particular.
Enemies may hear the sound of the smoke launcer being deployed, so beware when using it if your trying to sneak in close proximity to the enemy.

Another use of the 40mm Smoke grenade is when attacking a M-COM or flag. If there is no cover left due to explosions or the need to be sneaky arises, smother the location in smoke and begin capturing,arming or defusing. The A flag on Laguna Presa is an example of where smoke is effective, it's sniper central and there is a lack of cover so pop some smoke to save yourself. Fire more smoke if required. As a bonus sitting inside smoke keeps you from being spotted, and removes the spot triangle quicker allowing you to keep hiding in your smoke knowing that the enemy shouldn't know where you are hiding.

IPB Image
This is the result of firing a smoke round directly into a vehicle. As you can see, it is mostly hidden, but not quite all the way. See below image.

IPB Image
This is what happens when you fire a smoke round into the ground directly in front of the vehicle. it is completely obscured. The same rule applies for anything you want to completely hide. Aim right in front, not directly at!

Overall, smoke is designed to provide protection where there is none. It fades rather fast so you have to be prepared to move fast when you use it, or be willing and capable of place more smoke down. Inform your squad where and when you are deploying smoke to allow them to get into position. It aids in flanking, but doesn't ensure it will always work. If you forget to take solid cover when provided there is a high possibility you will become Swiss cheese.

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