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The AKS-74u was adopted into service by the Soviet Army. The purpose of the AKS-74U was to breach the gap between an assault rifle and sub machine gun. It is significantly easier to handle in close quarters, however due to a decrease in muzzle velocity the effective range has been reduced from 625 metres to 350 metres. Its role varies also, ranging from being used by special forces to vehicle crews.


Weapon Kit: Engineer
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 750
Magazine Size: 30
Reload time: 3.2 seconds
Damage at 18M: 16.7
Damage at 42M+: 11.2

As with most sub machine guns in Bad Company 2 the AKS-74u dominates the close quarter battles, so try to get enemies into this range to dominate to battle. For middle range and long range battles, burst fire in 3-4 rounds for mid range, and tap for long range. Much like the XM8 this weapon does have a slightly lower damage output than those of the UMP and SCAR-L, so make sure to use the better fire rate to win the engagement. The magazine is fantastic also, holding 30 rounds and because of the slightly lower fire rate than the XM8 it is easy to manage your rounds for multiple enemies. Magnum ammo shouldn't really be needed but as usual it is a good choice. Body armour is good for infantry based maps while improved demolitions is good for vehicle maps.

Opinions are divided on the iron sights as to whether they are good or bad for close quarters combat, some may find that they block to much of the enemy while others may not. Either way, the red dot sight is a fantastic sight if you require one. The 4x scope can be effective, but try to avoid it, as it makes close quarters combat more difficult, removing the manoeuvrability of sub machine guns and decreasing its effectiveness at what it was originally designed for.

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The AKS-74u is a trusty and reliable sub machine gun that is more than capable of seeing you through multiple enemies. The rate of fire and fairly good damage means that in close quarters you can be second only to shotguns. The magazine allows you to engage multiple enemies, so if attacking from behind, don't spam fire but fire in long precise bursts to preserve ammunition. However it is fairly reliable at being fired fully automatic close quarters, so don't fret if you bump into some one and need to spray and pray. If you are able to do this, flanking should become even more effective allowing you to gun down several enemies before even having to consider swapping to your pistol. If the iron sights aren't your thing, I recommend using the red dot sight. If you can learn to use irons though, do so - having that specialization slot free for something else is great.

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