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Weapon Kit: Engineer
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: 600 Rounds Per Minute
Magazine Size: 25
Reload time: 3.1 seconds
Damage at 18M: 20
Damage at 42M+: 12.5


The UMP .45 is the last primary weapon unlocked in the engineer kit. It boasts a high damage rate and a decent rate of fire. Every round that finds its mark does 20 damage at 6 meters or closer, which drops to 12.5 damage at around 40 meters. This puts the UMP in a tie for highest damage (at close range) in the SMG category, and a close second in damage at long range. The only SMG that maintains better damage at long range is the 9A-91. The recoil assigned to the UMP is very agreeable. Using the 0.6 AMP and the 7.0 KICK in combination can be a great tactic. While the UMP can be difficult to control while blasting through a magazine in one pull of the trigger, it is easy to keep a 3-4 round burst right on target. With every round dealing 20 damage, it does not take long to kill enemies. While hammering the trigger, the UMP tends to move along a vertical path just above what you are aiming at. Just aim at the chest and let the recoil take over from there. The only area of the UMP that is somewhat lacking is the size of its magazine - 25 rounds. This can be a bit of a hindrance, but should not be too difficult to handle. Any time you take down an enemy or two, just top off that magazine and you are ready to go. It is ill-advised to run around with less than about 15 rounds in your weapon. Sure, 13 rounds is plenty to kill an enemy, especially at close range, but there is no denying that 25 rounds is better than 13.


The iron sights on the UMP are a bit unwieldy. The rear sight is a peep sight that has a square shape with a round hole in it. The front sight is a standard post, but is a bit wider than most others. The sights cover up a bit of what you are trying to aim at. This is not to say that they are unusable, just that a red dot or ACOG might be a good choice. With fairly low recoil, the gun does not jump around too much, so the irons may be just fine for some players.

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The UMP is a great all-around choice for the engineer due to its long range pep and good damage at short range. This weapon is well suited to just about every type of player, from an aggressive flanker/tank buster to a more conservative repairman that hangs back to support friendly tanks. The UMP also serves very well as a room-clearer. Should you happen upon two or three enemies hiding together, just fire away from the hip and you should have little trouble taking them all out.

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The UMP is a champion all-around weapon. Its high damage and good accuracy make a lethal combination. The relatively small magazine and somewhat awkward iron sight may cause some players to balk at this weapon, but fear not, for the accuracy of this weapon will seldom let you down. For long range fires an ACOG is a good choice due to the larger-than-average size of the front sight. The ACOG will allow you to command greater accuracy at medium to long ranges.