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The RPG-7 is perhaps the most well known rocket launcher out of the bunch. It's reputation however isn't probably the most popularly viewed. Because of the easy mass production of this cheap rocket launcher, it is a favourite of guerilla fighters such as the Vietnamese. It was first developed in 1961 by the Soviet Union as the RPG-2 but are now manufactured by the Bazalt Company.


Fire Mode: Single Fire
Magazine Size: 1
Reload time: 5.8 seconds
Damage to infantry: 100 for 1.5 metres fading out to 0 at 6 metres
Damage to vehicles: 360

Out of the rocket launchers availiable to the Engineer class, the RPG-7 is probably the most rewarding in terms of results versus the skill needed to use it effectively.

Versus infantry the main problem to deal with is the fairly significant drop on the RPG and also the need to lead your target. While it may seem frustrating at first stick with it and using the RPG becomes child's play. Keep in mind that its normally easier to just use your SMG in most circumstances. Ideally you should use the RPG for pesky enemies hiding either behind windows or in some sort of cover. If your dubious about the location of an enemy in a building using the RPG-7 to make a hole and watching for hit markers is handy.

Against tanks the RPG-7 is probably the most effective of the rocket launchers. While the AT4 does deal slightly more damage, the RPG is unguided. Meaning that the second you fire the missile you can on your way to relocating to the next firing position. Running from one side of a building to the other side while firing your shots is the best way to take out a tank. If you try to fire from the same position two or three times in a row you can bet on being blown to pieces by the tanks main cannon. So keep yourself mobile. Another tactic is to fire one shot from behind (firing from behind is almost a MUST, as you will to double damage) and run in and finish the job with your repair tool. Your looking at two or three shots to kill a tank depending on your specialization set up and theirs, so be persistent.

If your going after choppers in particular I recommend bringing improved demolitions and a tracer dart. The drop on the RPG-7 and its average speed makes shooting down choppers hard. Your best bet is to try and tracer dart it (or let someone else) then lock on to it with your RPG which can be done by aiming at the little orange box that appears. Try to fire the rocket directly at the chopper or slightly forwards of it to help the rocket hit its target. If you want to do it the hard way try and lead your shot, using your failed attempts to readjust your shot.

The scope is fairly easy to use providing a more ridged system of aiming plus some optical zoom for longer distances. There are no other optical scope available but no scoping the rocket in close to mid range situations is fairly easy to use.

[Image - ADS Iron Sights]

Video Portrait

This video provided by... The Great Dan7!

As an engineer using your RPG to blow shit up, if something gets in the way blow it to pieces. Its a great cover breaking and a fantastic mobile tank buster. Bring the improved explosives pouches and improved demolitions to pack some more punch to finish off vehicles and don't be afraid to get up close and personal with your repair tool if the situation calls for it.


  • If your using a tank, firing your main cannon then hopping out to fire an RPG is a good way to get the upper hand on your opponent.