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Conceived and created in 1969, the PKM light machine gun is manufactured by a company in Kovrov, located in the Vladimir Oblast region of Russia. When unloaded, this weapon weighs a fairly hefty nine kilograms. Its ammunition belts can vary in length, and 250 round belts/boxes are considered a large amount. The overall length of the PKM is a brutish 1.173 meters


Fire Mode:Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire:650 RPM
Magazine Size: 100 rounds
Reload time: 8.5 seconds
Damage at 18M: 16.7
Damage at 64M+: 14.3

Damage wise, the PKM light machine is one of the harder hitting light machine guns. Its damage output is tied with T88, but only the M60 LMG deals more damage at all ranges. In compensation, the fire rate is the same as the T88, too. The recoil during fully automatic fire is manageable in short to medium ranges, but burst firing is a substantially more efficent way of dealing with targets. Because of the weapon's long reload time and lower ammunition capacity, bursting will help to conserve ammo and if you should have a fair amount of ammunition left in case of spray and pray emergencies.

Depending on the player, and maybe the size of your screen, the PKM's iron sights can block a large portion of the screen and restrict your peripherals. The red dot reflex sight is highly recommended. Due to the larger recoil and rather obtrusive muzzle flash, the x4 scope can prove cumbersome. It is worth noting, though, that coupling the x4 scope and marksman LMG training yields impressive results at longer ranges and calmer situations. However, adding sights and marksman training removes the ability to equip medic health kit bonuses. The bullet spread can be manged at medium distances but firing over longer ranges requires small bursts for enhanced accuracy. The PKM generally does best at increased distances with smaller bursts of fire.

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Overall, the PKM light machine gun is particularly good at supporting players from a bit farther away. The accuracy is relatively high, the rate of fire is extremely manageable, and it hits quite hard. We can't stress enough how important it is to burst fire with this gun to counteract it's recoil, though. It's highly considerable in environments with clearer, open lines of sight.

Light Machine Gun Damage Comparison

XM8 LMG75014.3-12.517.875-15.625178.75-156.25223.43-195.31
MG3100011.2-10.0014-12.5186.67 to 166.67233.33-208.33

Light Machine Gun Spread Comparison

Spread-BaseSpread-MoveSpread-ZmoveSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
XM8 LMG2.5420.5/0.430.4512