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The Type 88 general purpose machine gun or "QJY-88" is designed to replace the Type 67 model machine gun. The weapon was created by China North Industries Corporation and was designed during the 1980's. There are two different 'modes' of this machine gun, which vary the size of the round and overall weight. The light "mode" weighs 7.6kg while the heavy "mode" weighs 11.8kg.


Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 650RPM
Magazine Size: 200 rounds
Reload time: 8 seconds
Damage at 18M: 14.3
Damage at 64M+: 12.5

While the Type 88 light machine gun may have been exceedingly better before its damage was nerfed, it is still fairly effective in game. Because of the light machine guns spread and damage it is ineffective for close quarters combat, so when stuck in close quarters open up on the trigger and spam bullets to hell. It doesn't have to much recoil so at mid-range it is capable of being fired in bursts of 5 or so rounds. When firing at long range, fire in rapid 2 bullet bursts. Because of its large ammo box size, it is a good weapon for two reasons. Its ability to provide covering fire is fantastic shoot at enemies trying to move locations to effectively pin them down or kill them. Also its ability to be fired in a paranoid state is handy. Shoot at almost anything that may have a target behind it, be it bushes or through a door into a building. The hit markers will indicate whether there is, or is not an enemy in that area. Magnum ammo is the best selection of specializations if you think you need it. Using it removes one of the medic upgrades; however magnum ammo makes it more or less like the PKM in a few aspects.

The iron sights block a fair bit of the screen and they are rather small, making long distance aiming difficult but for close to mid-range they should be more than adequate. Longer ranged maps may require the 4x scope. The Type 88 doesn't possess much recoil at all so picking targets off at a distance is a fantastic was to use it. The red dot scope shouldn't really be needed for any circumstance, so sacrificing the medic kit upgrade specialization for it isn't really worth it.

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Remember to use it to the excess. Whenever you think you see an enemy, fire a burst or two to establish if there is or isn't one. The size of the ammo box allows for error and when working with longer ranges it is effective because of its lack of recoil. Before this weapon was nerfed, it was fantastic. Use it less as a weapon designed for killing and more for providing covering fire to pin enemies down to help out the team.

Light Machine Gun Damage Comparison

XM8 LMG75014.3-12.517.875-15.625178.75-156.25223.43-195.31
MG3100011.2-10.0014-12.5186.67 to 166.67233.33-208.33

Light Machine Gun Spread Comparison

Spread-BaseSpread-MoveSpread-ZmoveSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
XM8 LMG2.5420.5/0.430.4512