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Nicknamed "The Pig" during the Vietnam War, today the M60 Machine Gun is worldwide associated as the dominant US Army MG. Its development began during the Second World War as a portable and light machine gun, utilizing the same caliber of ammunition the German MG42 used. In fact the weapon was aimed at matching the very same fearsome German Machine Gun, but due to problems with ammunition type adaptation, its development was delayed. It was officially accepted in service in 1957, proved its worth during the Vietnam War and with its modifications continues to serve into the 21st century. Whether is mounted on a vehicle or operated by a crew of soldiers in a squad, this weapon has and is constantly seeing action on countless battlefields.

The M60 is a belt fed, gas-operated, open bolt Machine Gun and like most MGs today is air cooled. Like the MG3, it uses the big 7.62x51mm cartridges, which are larger than the M249 SAW and the MG36's 5.56x45mm bullets. Ammunition is usually fed into the weapon from a 100-round bandolier containing a disintegrating, metallic split-link belt. With its original model weight of approximately 10.5 kilograms, it is a heavy weapon, but still lighter than the MG3 and yet shooting the same ammunition. Newer models improved the weight even further and fixed some of the earlier reliability problems the machine gun had. The M60 was adopted by more than 30 nations around the world. But the Russians held on to the PK series of MGs (one of which is the PKM), which are reputed, even by some US specialists, to be more reliable than the M60.


Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire 550 RPM
Magazine Size: 100 rounds
Reload time: 7.8 Seconds
Damage at 18M: 16.7
Damage at 64M+: 14.3

Throughout the Bad Company 2 community, this weapon is considered a proven "ball buster". It has the highest overall damage from all LMGs, or all SMGs and Assault Rifles for that matter. Few weapons can match it at close range, but none can match the M60's damage plus rate of fire at long range. However the weapon has the slowest rate of fire from all machine guns. Still, this can help conserving ammunition, since it has a 100 rounds belt and a players starts with just a single belt in reserve. This is also a good trait to have when firing at long range, since it will help with aiming. The time it takes to change an empty ammo bandolier is slightly better than most LMGs (except the XM8 LMG and MG36), but even so never try to reload the M60 when under fire. Stick to your side arm until you find a good, quiet spot and then reload. Many claim the M60 to be a "noob weapon" because of its damage, but others complain that it is either awkward to aim, or plain inaccurate.

The M60 is decent at close to mid-range and like most weapons flanking and ambush like play styles are quite effective. Still, this is one weapon which is actually very good in frontal assaults. Even if they spot you and you are just moving forward with your squad or holding the line, it can be used to with great effect showering deadly and accurate bullets at the enemy. This means that it can also be your "panic gun", since even if you get ambushed you can still kill the ambusher quicker than he can kill you. However, with its consistent damage at long range and having a slow rate of fire, this LMG is better suited for suppressing from a distance. Either let your squad advance while you cover them from behind, or advance with them picking enemies both close and far.

Since a lot of players compare the M60 to the German MG3, a short note of the differences should be made. Even though the MG3's bullets each do much less damage than the M60's, the rate of fire is almost double. It also has a bit narrower bullet spread. In regard to those facts, the MG3 is a more Close Quarters Combat (CQB) oriented machine gun. The M60 excels at medium to long range, where each bullet that hits its target matters.

Magnum Ammunition is where you want to take this gun to, if you decide to be more aggressive. As a medic you should consider the Improved Healing Range, but with Magnum anything will fall down at close range within 4 direct hits (5 if armored) or within 5 hits (7 if armored) when firing at long range. If you are used to the M60's recoil and your aim is on the money, you can seriously boost the killing power of this beast. The default damage is large as it is and since the damage upgrade is percentage based you will get a nice boost.

If your aim is not that good, or the gun is awkward to handle (like many complain) you can consider the Marksman Training. It will help you with the bullet spread at long range and even when hip firing at close range. The M60's profile is even on the image used for this LMG specialization! What more can you ask?

There are a few tricky moments regarding aiming and hitting your targets. To put it simply, the M60 is not very intuitive when aiming at mid to long range for two main reasons. One is its awkward iron sight. The front sight is very tall and the rear sight is a big rectangle with a black box in the middle (calibrating mechanism). The second thing is that although this machine gun doesn't have a high upwards recoil kick, it still shakes a lot to the sides. The whole experience is weird to say the least and may be difficult for players used to LMGs like the T88 or the MG36.

Even so, with a bit of practice and a few tips, one can achieve great results with the M60. At close range, in the sense of a few steps away, fire from the hip. Just point your crosshair at your target and the gun will do the rest. At this range few weapons can make a challenge. If the target is a bit further, use the iron sight in a general fashion and just try to keep the enemy's bodyline within the rectangle. The M60 is one machine gun that actually allows you more freedom with the trigger even at medium range. Even if your target is at say 15-20 meters away, you can neutralize it quickly if you hold down the trigger and compensate a bit for the upwards recoil with the mouse. If the enemy is partially behind cover, short quick bursts will generally do better. When aiming at long range, the tip of the front sight is where the bullets usually land. But by the time the bullets actually reach your target, that tip will be slightly above that and you must wait for it to get back on target (some getting used to be required). Try to aim for the chest at all ranges, as with the recoil of this gun it is very common to score a headshot.

Since the M60 does well at long range, equipping a 4x Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight (abbreviated ACOG) is a good consideration. It will make the task of aiming at long ranges much easier. Since the gun has very good damage for a LMG at over 60 meters, 4x Scopes are a common upgrade.

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The M60 is a wild piece of weaponry. You get a hell of a lot of firepower in your hands, only if you learn how to handle it. When you get past its flaws you discover that the M60 is an excellent machine gun at all ranges, where it excels at long range. It will definitely be the center-piece of your squad and is best used in group tactics, not only because it does a great job at supporting and suppressing, but because of the low amount of ammo you have in reserve. If you choose to do some "lone wolf" stuff, conserve ammo, reload only in safe places and don't be afraid to resort to your side arm as often as needed. The M60 doesn't have the fast reload of the XM8 LMG, or the rate of fire of the MG3, or the 200 rounds ammo pouch of the M249 SAW, but will provide you with amazing firepower. Even if you come face to face with the enemy, there are few weapons that can match its damage. In all cases try to keep your enemies on one side and at a distance, or if facing them directly, engage them one at a time and you'll do an outstanding job.

Light Machine Gun Damage Comparison

XM8 LMG75014.3-12.517.875-15.625178.75-156.25223.43-195.31
MG3100011.2-10.0014-12.5186.67 to 166.67233.33-208.33

Light Machine Gun Spread Comparison

Spread-BaseSpread-MoveSpread-ZmoveSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
XM8 LMG2.5420.5/0.430.4512