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The Heckler & Koch MG36 is a heavy barrelled light machine gun variant of the Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle- it utilizes a foldable bipod, reinforced pipe, built-in optical scope and the 'Beta-C' double drum magazine for ammunition. Developed by H&K, the G36 was designed early in the 1990s as a replacement for the G3 battle rifle, also made by H&K. In 1997, the Bundeswehr (united armed forces of Germany) accepted the G36 into service, replacing the G3 as intended. The MG36 was a proposed light machine gun by H&K and was trialled and tested by the Bundeswehr for use, unfortunately testing showed that failure to remove and replace the barrel quickly in time was not adequate for the MG36 to be classed as a "light machine gun" by the Bundeswehr, and in turn was regarded as a modified assault rifle. After the Bundeswher withdrew interest in the MG36, Heckler & Koch removed the MG36 from its manufacturers catalog and no longer offered by the company. Fortunately, the MG36 is available in Battlefield: Bad company 2 in the exact specification as it was designed and whilst it may have no presence in today's battlefield, the MG36 is very much alive in Bad Company 2.


Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Magazine Size: 100 rounds
Reload time: 6.4 seconds
Damage at 0-18M: 14.3
Damage at 64M+: 12.5

Weapon Explained

The MG36 is an able beast, thanks to the reasonable mix of bullet damage, rate of fire and accuracy, it performs above average. Statistically, the MG36 is near identical to the XM8 LMG, with a few slight differences to keep them unique from each other. A distinct advantage the MG36, as well as the XM8 LMG, has over the other LMGs is its quicker reload time of 6.4 seconds, though using the Speed Reloading technique, with the MG36, you can shave the reload time down to an impressive 3.7- the quickest time of all the LMGs. Keep in mind, that the reload time is still slower than that of pistols, rifles, sub machine guns and sniper files (expect the M95). Of course, what you give in one hand, you take with the other- the MG36, and the XM8 LMG, suffers from having the greatest recoil values of all the LMGs. In usage terms, holding down the trigger is going to negate inflicting as much damage onto your target as possible. Like the XM8 LMG, inaccuracy between shots is relatively low, in addition with its moderate rate of fire of 750 RPM and having the second best bullet damage amongst the LMGs, using burst fire is the most effective way of using this LMG. Keeping fire to bursts allows you to permit a short but steady shot of damage without incurring the impact of high recoil. Burst fire also helps with ammo conservation as 100 rounds isn't alot of ammunition typical of a light machine gun, though the MG36s quicker reload speed does balance the lacking magazine size.

Another aspect of the MG36 that separates itself from the other LMGs available is its ironsight, or more the lack of one. Instead of ironsights, the MG36 is equipped with its own inbuilt optical sight, red dot inclusive - this makes targeting in general much more precise, but in turn, outer vision of the scope is concealed, as is with the M24 sniper rifle. Having an inbuilt scope allows you to bypass equipping specialization Slot 1 with a scope and therefore allows you to make use of the other choices available in slot 1. Take note that equipping the Red Dot specialization increases ironsight speed, whilst the 4x Scope specialization magnifies the inbuilt scope zoom level respectively. Though the MG36 may have unique targeting, what must not be forgotten is the LMGs high recoil; during shots, remember to pull down the sights to keep a precise aim when not zoomed in. Burst firing will also help you maintain a steady shot at ranged targets and although the accuracy of the MG36 is respectable of an LMG, it's its recoil that is a contending factor that makes long range engagements difficult to pull off without use of the, somewhat constricting, scope.

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As with all LMGs in Bad Company 2, they play a supportive role. The strengths of the MG36 permeate in close to mid range combat - good accuracy and an optical scope as standard make for precise fire, but high recoil deters successful long range engagements. Keeping pace with short but consistent bursts coupled with a fast reload will attribute to your teams effort in both a flanking manoeuvre or in a defensive frontline. "Hit and Run" tactics can be applied to the MG36 successfully, but keep in mind the small magazine size of the MG36 when multiple targets appear.

Light Machine Gun Damage Comparison

XM8 LMG75014.3-12.517.875-15.625178.75-156.25223.43-195.31
MG3100011.2-10.0014-12.5186.67 to 166.67233.33-208.33

Light Machine Gun Spread Comparison

Spread-BaseSpread-MoveSpread-ZmoveSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
XM8 LMG2.5420.5/0.430.4512