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The Type 88 Sniper rifle or QBU-88 sniper rifle is deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and is manufactured by the China North Industries Corporation. The Type 88 was designed as a designated marksman rifle rather than a pure sniper rifle. It's designed to fire at longer ranges than standard assault rifles with semi-automatic fire. It comes with a variety of scopes and has an effective range of 800 meters.


Fire Mode: Semi Automatic
Rate of Fire 240
Magazine Size: 10 rounds
Reload time: 4.1 seconds
Damage at 8M: 39
Damage at 64M+: 28

The Type 88 sniper rifle is one of two of the semi-automatic rifles available to the Recon class in Bad Company 2. It comes with the standard 6x scope equipped. Before even beginning to use this rifle, magnum ammo should be equipped, as it allows the user to kill with three shots at all ranges, instead of 4. For long distance engagements, fire and allow the scope to centre itself before before firing the second and third shots. If you're planning on operating at a mid length range, use the 4x scope. You should be able to fire more rapidly, but watch the ammo counter. For close range engagements, put the enemy in the centre of the screen, and spam the trigger as fast as possible or swap to your side arm instead. The REX is fantastic for this class as it also benefits from magnum ammo. It is worth noting that the Type 88 also leaves vapour trails and makes a fair bit of noise when fired, so it's quite common to lose your hiding spot quickly.

The Type 88 sniper rifles uses a sniper scope with chevrons, which aren't as easy to use as the mil dots on the likes of the M24. Choosing to equip the 4x scope can be extremely effective, as it allows you to operate at mid ranges as well as long. The 12x scope can be used, however this rifle works better at a midrange because it is semi-automatic and kills in only three hits with magnum ammunition. The red dot sight is also effective, but it isn't as good for mid range where the rifle works best.

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First off, you're a support class. Quite often you might only tag an enemy with one or two shots and spot them before they get away. That's fine, because the rest of your squadmates should be able to finish them off. Also, as a support class you can use motion mines to avoid being flanked and C4 packets to take out tanks and clear houses. Often it is wise to wait for a squadmate or two before attacking objectives, as you don't have the fire power to drop countless foes. If you're in a sniper fight over a long distance, try strafing sideways while firing to stop being headshotted.

Sniper Rifle Damage Comparison


Sniper Rifle Spread Comparison

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