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The GOL Sniper Magnum is a German made sniper rifle designed by Gol-Matic. The design of the GOL comes all the way back from the Gewehr 98 used in World War 2. The uses of this rifle range as far as from military issue to police counter terrorism. One of the more interesting facts about the GOL is that each one is ordered to the marksman's specifications and is in a walnut stock, increasing the flexibility of the rifle butt therefore decreasing the rifles recoil.


Fire Mode: Bolt Action
Rate of Fire: 33 RPM
Magazine Size: 5 rounds
Reload time: 4.8 seconds
Damage at 10M: 100
Damage at 36M+: 50

The GOL is obviously a sniper rifle, an expert at long range killing. This does not mean you have to sit around like a lazy bush in the back of your spawn all day! When you use the GOL (or any bolt action sniper) you have to play a supporting role to your team; meaning you need to spot, wound, distract, and kill as many people as possible. This is best achieved by assuming a medium to long range position and moving up with your team as they advance. You should not attempt to do much combat in close quarters with the GOL, as with any bolt action sniper, because you simply do not have the Rate of Fire to deal with multiple enemies. However, the GOL is considered to be pretty useful with a 4x, just make sure you don't run into multiple enemies. An interesting fact about the GOL is that it is the only sniper rifle to have no scope sway. This only applies to PC however, as none of the console sniper rifles have any sway regardless.

The GOL is a very unique sniper rifle in that its scope doesn't have any sort of range finder like chevrons or mil-dots. Instead, the GOL has straight lines that form a cross hair; Loved by many Recon player but disliked by plenty. Because the GOL doesn't have a range finder, some people may find long range shots to be difficult at first. However, this is overcome by having a feel for sniper rifles and their bullet drop in general as well as using the GOL extensively. On the subject of bullet drop, the GOL has the same drop as all the other sniper rifles except the M95, which has its own unique bullet drop.

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Your role as a support sniper is to kill, spot, and distract the enemy. Like mentioned, this is best achieved by keeping yourself with your team, moving to different positions after each kill, and staying in a medium-long range. Because of the accuracy given by the GOL, you should always try for a head shot but if you miss, swapping to your sidearm can help finish off any injured units. Enemy snipers should be your primary targets in your search for enemies, as they can neutralize you and many of your team in a short time.After enemy snipers, you want to hit medics and people on any stationary weapons as they can usually be devastating. After snipers, medics, and stationary weapons are down, take out the front defense of enemies as best you can, even wounding an enemy is a help to your team and will allow them to advance. You want to stay out of close quarters engagements at all costs unless forced to or surprised; in that case, utilizing your pistol is key as well as hip firing your rifle like a shotgun, you may get lucky. The GOL is truly a marksman's rifle, use it as one.

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