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The Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya ("Special Sniper Rifle"), more commonly known as the VSS or Vintorez ("Thread Cutter"), is a suppressed sniper rifle developed by Soviet Russia in the late 1980s. The weapon is typically issued to Spetsnaz units for undercover operations, and has remained in use with Russian soldiers to this day. While normally fed from a ten round magazine and fired in semi-automatic mode, it is also capable of fully automatic fire whilst drawing from a twenty round assault rifle magazine; it is this version which is represented in the game. The VSS is a unique weapon, both in the real world and in Bad Company 2.


Fire Mode: Fully automatic
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Magazine Size: 20 rounds
Reload time: 4.2 seconds
Damage at 18M: 25.0
Damage at 64M+: 20.0

The VSS is a curious weapon, more akin to a submachine gun than a sniper rifle. With fully automatic yet suppressed fire, a quickly exhausted 20 round magazine, and a full-power sniper scope, it is definitely a unique package.

Its greatest strength lies in its extremely high damage output, which is one of the highest in the game. Only four bullets, delivered in 0.4 seconds, are required to kill a completely healthy soldier at close range. If you are able to surprise a group of enemies in close quarters, it is fully capable of dispatching an entire squad with one clip, in just two seconds.

As the damage output is already extremely high, magnum ammo seems almost unnecessary. Instead choose body armor, which will allow you to survive long enough to get into close quarters combat or find cover. Lightweight is also a solid choice, as it allows you to evade enemy fire and detection and generally show up where your enemies least expect you to.

The VSS is best used with the normal sniper scope attached. While the Red Dot and ACOG scopes can be useful for acquiring targets at close range, they make things unnecessarily difficult at longer ranges and take up a valuable specialization slot.

A good tactic to use with the VSS and the standard scope is to only aim down the sights at long range. At short range, you will be better served by firing from the hip, relying on the VSS's incredibly high damage output and its natural good accuracy to unload whilst evading enemy fire.

Even at medium ranges, the VSS is highly accurate and can be fired from the hip without significant penalty. If you are using this tactic and encounter a large group of enemies, having a strong pistol at your side can prove extremely useful, as you will be comparatively wasteful of your limited ammunition.

At long ranges, use the weapon as you would the Type 88 or SVU sniper rifles. Use the powerful sniper scope to your advantage, aim for the head, and fire one shot at a time, allowing the gun to momentarily settle before firing again. With sufficiently high accuracy, you will be able to make kills with far fewer shots than when firing at full pelt, therefore saving ammunition.

The VSS is a deadly and unique weapon in Bad Company 2, best used at extremely close range against clustered enemies, much like a shotgun. Unlike a shotgun however, it remains viable at long ranges as well, due to its default sniper scope. It is also extremely well suited to the In Your Face Recon playstyle, which emphasizes close-range destruction of soldiers and vehicles alike, fueled by motion sensors and absolute aggression. All in all, it's an extremely deadly and unique weapon, and one that should definitely be part of your arsenal.

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