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The Saiga line of auto-shotguns is produced by the famous Russian AK manufacturer Izhmash, located in the city of Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia. The Saiga is based on the long time proven Kalashnikov assault rifle design, which results in great durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. There are several variants of the Saiga 20 shotguns. The Saiga 20K is the lightest model with a weight of 3.2 kilograms without magazine and the shortest with a barrel length of 430 millimeters. Saiga 20 shotguns are gas-operated, semi-automatic weapons that use long-stroke gas piston located above the barrel. Gas system is fitted with two-position manual gas regulator, to provide reliable functioning with standard (70mm) or magnum (76mm) ammunition.


Fire Mode: Semi-automatic
Rate of Fire 300 RPM
Magazine Size: 6
Reload time: 4.167 Seconds
Damage at 8M: 12.5 x 6
Damage at 18M: 6.0 x 6
Damage at 8M with Slugs: 39
Damage at 64M with Slugs: 28

In its essence the Saiga 20K Semi-automatic shotgun is a close range sledge hammer. It poses a tremendous threat at point-blank and its rapid distinct bangs also have a disorienting effect on enemies. High rate of fire, plus shotgun class damage are an extremely effective combination for killing enemy soldiers fast at short ranges. This is due to its damage dropping very fast at anything over just a few steps away, so in all means it is a sneakers and flankers weapon. Avoid frontal contact with enemies from a distance. Even though the Saiga is a rather accurate shotgun and you will be able to register hits even at medium to long range, the damage at those distances gets less than half of what it is at a step away. The best method is to avoid open areas and opt for covered routes or building combat as it is an excellent room clearing tool. With the Saiga having a semi-auto firing mode, it is generally more suited for engaging multiple targets in rapid succession, than say the 870 or the SPAS-12 pumps. However keep in mind that with rapid fire the small magazine will be empty in a matter of seconds, thus a hit and run tactic is more appropriate.

The Extended Shotgun Magazine fixes that and can extend the possible kills per magazine drastically. If you are a skilled flanker and shooter you can take a whole squad in a mater of moments. In such a situation however, it is very easy in the excitement to empty your magazine on just one target and/or don't have enough shells to combat the remaining enemies when they turn around.

Adding 12 Gauge Slugs will practically halve the damage done at close range, but extend the distance at which the Saiga is effective. With this upgrade you can try to engage targets at medium to even long ranges, where the damage drop is not as drastic as without it. But the semi-auto firing mode makes aiming more difficult than pump-action shotguns, which also do a lot more damage at these ranges. If you decide to go with the Magnum Ammo try to fire in single shots.

As with pretty much all shotguns, be it auto or pump, the iron sight is not used with the Saiga. You have a pretty good large circle which fits the spread of the bullets rather well, even at medium to longer ranges. Just apply the age old golden rule and aim at the center of mass/body. That way you make sure that the maximum amount of pellets hit the target. If you happen to fight multiple targets at once, try if possible to align them one in front of another. That way when one falls you can use your rapid fire to try and take down the other one with ease.

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The Saiga fits a very specific role in the Close Quarters Combat (CQB) arsenal as it excels at killing close targets extremely fast. It fails however, at medium to long ranges due to rapid damage drop. So a sneak and surprise playstyle should be adopted. It is an excellent tool for taking key enemy soldiers like Engineers or Recons at a blink. It should be noted that the semi-auto firing mode is more fitted for combating with more than one target at a time unlike conventional pump-action shotguns. However keep in mind, that the small magazine is consumed much faster, so consider the extended magazine as a good option. It can make the Saiga a viable gun at taking out multiple targets or even whole squads with just one clip.

All Kit Weapons Damage Comparison

M14 EBR-39-2848.75-35--
M1 Garand-39-2848.75-35--

All Kit Weapon Spread Comparison

Spread-BuckSpread-SlugSpread-ZslugSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
M14 EBR2321-1230
M1 Garand2321-1230