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The SPAS-12 was created by the Italian arms company Franchi S.p.A. It is a dual mode shotgun meaning it is capable of both pump action firing and semi automatic. It has been sold to police and military companies all around the world, however because of its appearance and intended purpose it was banned from the United States.


Fire Mode: Pump-Action
Rate of Fire 85 RPM
Magazine Size: 4
Reload time: First bullet reload is 0.780 seconds, the next bullet is 0.720 seconds and the readying action takes one second. Reloading from empty to full takes: 3.94 seconds.
Damage at 8M: 14.3 x 12
Damage at 18M: 6 x 12
Damage with Slug at 6m: 100.
Damage with Slug at 40m: 50.

The SPAS-12 possesses - as do all shotguns - complete domination in close quarters combat. Try to use this to your advantage, drawing your enemies into rooms where you can quickly finish them off. Do note, however, that although this weapon does spectacular damage, it's more suited to one vs. one encounters because of the slow rate of fire. Try and flank from behind to remove one person at a time with stealth. As a shotgun, trying to effectively use it over long distance is a lost cause without the slug attachment to greatly expand its range. Body Armour is a solid option, increasing your hit points by 25 to assist you in reaching the one-hit kill range for the SPAS. Magnum Ammo also proves to be useful for the SPAS, adding another 4.6 metres of high damage before the range decay drops below 12.5. Choosing between Body Armour and Magnum Ammo is personal choice, as both can be effective with correct usage. The extra magazine size is generally not needed.

Even though the SPAS does possess iron sights, they are not used in-game while aiming. The aiming reticule is a fairly large circle, indicating it's large spread, so aiming at the chest will result in the most damage inflicted. With the slug equipped, the SPAS becomes more or less a sniper rifle without a scope and no drop. Its aiming reticule changes to a cross and while aiming down sights it narrows allowing for great accuracy. The SPAS does block a lot more of the screen than the 870.

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As shotguns go the SPAS-12 is great however it is a pump action shotgun, so multiple enemies will overwhelm you. The slugs will extend your range, however will weaken your effectiveness for close quarters. While it is in most respects the same as the 870, it's reload is longer barely. It blocks a lot more of the screen, which can be considered a hindrance.

All Kit Weapons Damage Comparison

M14 EBR-39-2848.75-35--
M1 Garand-39-2848.75-35--

All Kit Weapon Spread Comparison

Spread-BuckSpread-SlugSpread-ZslugSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
M14 EBR2321-1230
M1 Garand2321-1230