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The design of the G3 can be traced through different weapons manufacturing companies; Mauser, Heckler and Koch and CETME. Over the years it has evolved greatly over the years receiving many modifications such as the attachment of a grenade launcher which sadly cannot be found in Bad Company 2 and many other things such as a change in sights, stocks and the introduction of a flash suppressor. The G3 has served in many countries during many wars ranging from the Portuguese civil war to conflicts through out the middle east.


Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 500
Magazine Size: 20
Reload time: 2.55 add, 3.4 total reload
Damage at 6M: 25
Damage at 40M: 25

The G3 packs a fairly awesome punch in pretty much all circumstances, however it only has a fire rate of 500. While to many this may be viewed in a negative aspect, the introduction of the ACOG scope for the G3 and M14 makes use of its low fire rate providing a fantastic long range automatic weapon. It isn't a particularly hard weapon to pick up and run with mainly because it deals damage by the bucket too. In circumstances that you can get away with, try to tap the trigger single bullet style and enemies should drop fairly quickly, provided you can actually aim with a 4x scope. In close range it is very much a first to shoot wins kind of weapon. While the damage would indicate it handles exceedingly well close quarters don't be fooled, walk as much as you can and try to avoid sprinting, the low ROF (rate of fire) will often lead to only wounding your target while you die. Take corners slow and hang back, rather than be the player pushing the front line, work the sides of the map and pick your targets off. Another factor to take into account with the G3 is it's small magazine, which contains only 20 rounds, making anything more than a double kill fairly difficult. If your enemies seem to grouped together like a herd of sheep this isn't the weapon for you, because your going to get sick of reloading between enemies.

In comparison to assault rifles it handles differently. Trying to use it directly after an assault rifle will make tapping and bursting slightly different, because of its significantly lower rate of fire. It's damage is certainly high however so with the right angle of attack you will win out against assault rifles. As said previously the G3 can be 'first to shoot wins' sort of gun, so beware.

The standard iron sights for the G3 are fairly simple. The circle makes target identification easier while a narrow needle allows for accurate aiming. The red dot sight is certainly a valid choice if you feel the need, however bringing some more ammunition or explosives will probably serve you better. Using a G3 with the ACOG scope has it's ups and downs. The extra magnification obviously allows for targets to be picked off at a greater distance but it does handicap the close range potential of the G3 because target acquisition is slower, plus it's hip spray isn't the best. If your using the ACOG be cautious of corners, because when it comes to sprinting to shooting stand off it doesn't preform amazingly.

[Image - ADS Iron Sights]

Video Portrait

This will be a 1-3 minute video of the weapon in action when used APPROPRIATELY. This is not the place to show killing people from parachutes, slugger sniping, etc. This is showing the weapons being used in the role that they were intended. Commentators will handle getting these.
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Hang back and play to the strengths of the G3. Try to use the ACOG scope to extend your range and it's low rate of fire to pick off enemies. A point to stress is that this weapon really doesn't like to be hip fired so avoid the 'in your face' fight, I suggest moving from building to building to defend important points. This cant be stressed enough, bring a pistol over a tracer because you'll come in to circumstances where you need the extra fire power.

All Kit Weapons Damage Comparison

M14 EBR-39-2848.75-35--
M1 Garand-39-2848.75-35--

All Kit Weapon Spread Comparison

Spread-BuckSpread-SlugSpread-ZslugSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
M14 EBR2321-1230
M1 Garand2321-1230


  • This puppy packs some punch, so consider using Body Armour over Magnum.
  • Consider using the recon class for Motion mines as this is a all kit weapon.