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Anti Air With the AT4

By HyCy - 20th January 2011 - 15:22 PM

The AT4 is by far one of the most entertaining, yet difficult weapons in Bad Company 2. With some dedication and helpful assistance, you can master it in no time! The AT4 was altered in the R9 patch, which has increased its projectile speed. This means that it is now faster, which has both its pros and cons. Yes, you can hit a target faster, reducing your time standing relatively still with a smoke trail, which tells every man and his dog where you are, but you also have less time to guide the rocket to your target, and any change in the target's position requires faster reactions.

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We all remember the feeling: you have just unlocked the AT4 and ran around with it equipped while peering at the skies and eagerly wanting to surprise that AH-64 Apache pilot who has been top of the server for the last three rounds. You spot him, you scope in, and fire! You try to keep the orange square over your quarry whilst merrily laughing to yourself as it flies in the direction of the AH-64 but, what's this?! It has just gone straight past it? Welcome to the art of the AT4, my friends.

The Basics

Before even scoping in on an enemy chopper you should be thinking about your own position and the target's position/direction. There is no point firing at a target if it is going to go behind a tree or building, so pick your shots. Remember, unless you have a competent assault-playing teammate, you only have a max of eight rockets, even with the extra explosives pack! Make sure that you have a clear shot to the target for a majority of the flight time. Obstacles can cause your sights to lock on to them and your shot may go wild.

After firing, you must consider the enemy's movements. Patience is a good attribute because, if you are up against a decent pilot and gunner, the moment you fire they will be hunting for you. If you miss, the reload time can be enough time for them to find you or for them flee.

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When firing the AT4, try to aim where your target will be. This may mean that you have the orange box way in front, above, or below your target. If you see your rocket's glow cross over the target, aim to keep that glow on the target and ignore the orange targeting box. As long as you keep that glow over the target, it is on track to hit. Judging distance will improve with experience, but some people are naturally better at it than others.


  • Stay close to cover but do not keep cover between you and your target when you are shooting.
  • When you fire, the trail of smoke produced by the rocket can block your view. A quick side step can give you a clear view of your target.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Valpareso or Isla Innocentes are good maps to practice on, due to the large and slow UH-60s.

Advanced Information

After getting the basics down, it should be second nature to apply the previous techniques. It is time to add a few more tricks to your belt.

First, the smoke dodge. Instead of side stepping, you can aim off to the side to fire, and then bring your missile back towards your target. When your missile is fired, you are basically shining a batman signal for snipers, since the long trail leads them right to you. To avoid sniper fire you can try constantly moving and changing directions. Obviously you will have to adjust for this or even integrate it into your missile movements and targeting.

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Another little trick that comes in handy is spotting a chopper, either by yourself or a squad member. Then take a look, gauge the distance, and then duck back into your cover. Fire your shot over or around the cover and then pop out to finish the deal by blowing them chopper from the sky! This keeps you hidden at the start and reduces the length of time that you are visible to the enemy. Also, if a spotted chopper is behind a hill and you see its symbol rising up towards the top of the hill you can give it a gamble and shoot before it is over the hill, giving them no time to react.

If you have ever flown a chopper you will know about the lock on sound. This happens when you have been 'painted' by a tracer and a Carl Gustav/RPG-7 is locked on, or when an AT4 is on track to hit. So here is a really important tip, especially when going against some of the better pilots. Aim to just miss your target until the last possible moment, when you should bring the missile on track. This gives the pilot far less time to react, for as soon as the lock on sounds, he is as good as gone.

Here is a video, posted by HyCy that shows off some AT4 skills!

Learning to use the AT4 can be difficult but when mastered the fruit it bears is certainly worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than swatting Apaches out of the air like flies from half the map away.