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9A-91 Master Guide

By Fender - 18th May 2010 - 22:05 PM

The 9A-91 is a 9mm compact assault rifle designed by the KBP design bureau in Tula, Russia. It utilizes a gas operated rotating bolt system, with a long stroke gas piston located just above the barrel. It was originally designed for the Russian Army, but found a home in the hands of the Russian police forces. It serves a role as a less expensive, smaller, and somewhat more versatile sub machine gun. When chambered for the 9mm subsonic round, as it is in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it has a max effective range of about 100 meters. The 9A-91 could be compared to the UMP .45 or the MP5K in use in western police and military units.

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Weapon Kit: Engineer
Weapon Caliber: 9 x 39mm
Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Damage at 6M: 20
Damage at 40M: 14.3
Magazine Size: 20
Reload time: 3.1 Seconds

Weapon Explained

The 9A-91 is a silenced sub-machine gun, the first available for the Engineer class in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It is best utilized in short range situations to maximize its higher damage at short range. It does have a relatively small magazine size so accuracy is essential. The iron sights are fairly straightforward and easy to use, giving the player the option of opting for more ammunition or explosives, although the red dot sight and 4x scope are both viable options for this weapon.

The iron sights on the 9A-91 are some of the better ones in the game. They don't obstruct your field of view and make rapid target acquisition fairly easy. At close and even medium range, it is very easy to burst fire and keep your sights on your target. The bullet spread is fairly condensed, so going hammer down on the trigger at close range can yield good results, but any target past the range shown in the screen shots below, should certainly be engaged using short, controlled, bursts.

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Sights Available
  • Red dot sight
  • 4x scope


Being a stealth weapon with high damage at close range, the 9A-91 is best utilized for short range, ambush style attacks. It is best suited to a play that puts you, the player, in close range CQB situations with your enemy. This is where the 9A-91 can shine. The player can dispatch an enemy player very quickly, with just 4-5 shots to the chest. It is best to avoid long range engagements, though mid-range kills can be made with short bursts of 2-3 rounds, but the 9A-91 will be bested at these ranges by Assault rifles, LMGs and semi-automatic sniper rifles.

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