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Map Pack 7 Tips

By CrushNZ - 6th December 2010 - 18:45 PM

With the introduction of Map Pack 7 Bad Company 2 has finally received four new maps to keep us happy until the arrival of Vietnam. Below this are some tips, hints and notes to help players adjust to these new maps.


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  • Watch out for the palm trees when you're flying helicopters. They seem to be made of stronger stuff than other trees and since they're higher they're easier to hit.
  • The attacker lucky enough to grab the UAV should make the defenders anti-aircraft gun his first priority, and pilots should do whatever it takes to keep their chopper alive. Air superiority can handily win your team the game. Apaches spawn for the attackers in the first 3 bases, while the defenders get a Havoc in the second stage.
  • Packing some extra grenades for your Assault kit can be a good idea in order to bust your way through the dense housing.
  • If you were previously afraid to use shotguns for some reason this is the perfect place to try them.
  • In Conquest there are two extreme flanking paths. The river is obviously bad, especially if you decide to swim, as you will be an easy target. But the other side of the map has a lot of houses and possibilities.
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  • Even though the map is quite small, don't dismiss it as a good sniper's playground.
  • Bullpup rifles rule this map, use them for room clearing and grenade launchers for destroying walls or buildings.
  • Try to advance through the jumble of houses quickly with your squad and always make sure you have a medic. You can easily lose all your progress if an enemy wipes out your squad and then gets into a nice building for defense.
  • Watch out on the right hand side of the map for most of the game as defenders. On the middle stages, the right is an upper leveled area of urban development; perfect for giving the enemy a height or flanking advantage. In the last stage, the right hand side leads up a tall mountain side that is very popular with recon players.
  • The first set of M-Coms can easily be defended with a bunch of Tracer Darts and RPGs.

Harvest Day

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  • Armor plays a critical role, always make sure your team is using their tanks.
  • This map is all about the attacker's momentum. Build it up and you will win, but if you stall, there are tanks and tons of engineers who will stop any armor advance.
  • The various berms lying across the field in the center of the map and the banks of the river bed are excellent places to go hull-down in your tank to give yourself an advantage in vehicular combat.
  • Keep an eye out for people on the large hill behind Bravo, it is accessible and people love to snipe from up there or act as a spawn anchor for an assault on B.
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  • Make use of the light vehicles as efficient means of traveling the long distances between flags.
  • When attacking don't stack both T-90s on one side of the M-Coms. The map is big enough, so stage attacks from two different sides. This will make the defending engineers' work harder.
  • The map is flat, but offers great flanking options. Take a light vehicle and go behind enemy lines. This advice is applicable to both attackers and defenders.
  • You can actually get up into the second story of the barn next to the creek bed and capture the flag at Charlie from there.

Heavy Metal

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  • As the Russians, target the VADS if the Americans have B before anything else. Its placing means it's effective against infantry and helicopters alike.
  • Don't fear the Havoc, as it has been changed to be easier to fly. Learning to fly helicopters and use tanks over long distance are vital skills for this map because of its size. Good vehicle use will allow you to dominate the map.
  • A fully occupied Blackhawk can be a terror from the skies. Take at least one Engineer to repair while you are in flight (has to be on position 4 or 5). Spot, control and rain death on foot soldiers.
  • Heavy Metal is an AT engineer's dream. Use that and the scarcity of cover to punish them with Snipers. It is actually quite easy to follow the trail of a Rocket Launcher to the Engineer who fired it.
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  • Watch out for windmills when flying unless you want to die. However, Snipers like to get on top of those windmills and shoot targets, so make sure you check them periodically. A missile launcher will do the trick.
  • Stationary AT launchers are all over the place on this map, so always be mindful of their location whether your in a tank or want to take one out.
  • Bring your tracers to play here. There are WAY too many vehicles not to. With so much ranged combat, you can probably safely go without a pistol. Time between close range firefights can be as much as 5-6 minutes.

Cold War

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  • The map resembles White Pass Rush as it is very narrow and positions are close. Also, it is snowing here too. Your team must have a good close range force plus a lot of medics, as they will allow you to persevere in your assault. Sniper rifles should be rarer.
  • The first two sets of M-Coms can fall down very fast. Don't panic or get depressed! The third set is more defensible. The Russians have to make a hard "L" shaped turn. If you get a good grip on that you can hold on.
  • When defending use the dozens of houses to the greatest extent. There will be few people who will walk on the streets and most of the battle will be house-to-house. Every house you can defend firmly is one less step the attackers can take to the M-Coms.
  • At the start after parachuting in, there are two great hills that just about cover everything. The only problem is that Carl Gustavs come with limited rockets.
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  • You can drive the truck!
  • One motion sensor can cover practically the entire contested area, so there's no excuse to not have motion sensor coverage.
  • Some of the houses are so close together that when you are facing a particularly well defended one, it can be a good idea to take an adjacent house, then blow an access hole in the roofs of both to clear it top to bottom.
  • Shotguns with slugs do wonders here.
The strategy team hope these tips help in some way. If you have any questions, require assistance or have your own tips to share feel free to do so! Give us all an advantage when playing these new maps.