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The Two Tankers

By CrushNZ - 22nd July 2010 - 19:35 PM

Ever seen your entire squad ripped apart, thrown to the ground and steam rolled by two players ... using a tank!? Instead of dying a miserable death over and over, why not make your own tank team and decimate the players that wrought havoc upon you!

The Tanks!

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M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, United States Army

IPB Image

T-90 Main Battle Tank, Russian Army

Tank Information

Damage Mechanics

Since tanks are such heavily armoured and possess a lot of hit points it is obvious that weaknesses would be included in game. In real life particular models of the Abrams MBT have depleted uranium included in their rear armour, the ones in Bad Company 2 do not. Hitting a tank from the sides or from behind will cause the projectile to do twice the damage.

IPB Image

T-90's and Abrams may seem tough, but from the sides or from behind they are vulnerable!

Tank Health

Both of the Main Battle Tank's found in Bad Company 2 possess a total of 1250 hit points. They are invulnerable to bullets fired from players owns weapons, and because of this must be dealt to by heavier forms of fire, the following weapons are the main threats.
  • Missile Pods
  • UAV
  • IFV's such as the BMD-3
  • Stationary AT's such as the KORNET
  • C4
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Anti Tank Mines.

The Weaponry

The M1A2 Abrams Primary weapon is a 120mm Smooth Bore Cannon, whilst the T-90 MBT's primary weapon is a 125mm Smooth Bore Cannon. These cannons make holes, big holes. So use it that way! It is efficient at the removal of pretty much anything that doesn't fly, it is capable of the removal of light armoured vehicles, heavy armour vehicles, infantry, buildings and also M-COM stations. In Bad Company 2 both of these cannons are identical for all combat purposes, dealing a whopping 875 damage for a metre and a half, from there it degrades down to 135 damage which tapers off to zero at eight metres. The reload time for these tanks is both four seconds, so fire wisely as they are very slow reload!
Against other tanks the cannons deal 350 damage.

Rheinmetall 120mm M256 Smoothbore Cannon

Equipping the Alternative Weapon perk for the MBT operator equips them also with a PKT machine gun for the T-90 and a M240 machine gun for the Abrams. For the first 12 metres they deal 12.5 damage per shot and at 64 metres the damage decays to 11.2 damage, it fires at a rate of 750 rounds per minute.

M240 machine gun equipped to the M1A1 Abrams

The T-90's secondary weapon is a NSV 50.calibre anti-air craft gun, while the M1A1's is an M2HB 50.calibre machine gun. In game these both deal 25 damage up to 12.5 metres where the damage begins to decay, ending up at 16.7 at 65 meters. Both guns also fire at a rate of 550 rounds per minute.

NSV 50.calibre anti-air craft gun. However in Bad Company 2 it is used primarily against infantry.

The Specializations

Electronic Warfare Package

IPB Image

This specialisation is a great choice for a tank duo! It lights up enemies, C4 and mines for a twenty metre radius. It is particularly handy for when you are capping objectives or when you are forced to take the tank into narrower areas, also it helps infantry fighting near you, as it acts like a motion sensor with just a smaller diameter.

Active Armour Upgrade

IPB Image

The Active Armour upgrade vehicle specialisation is one of the better options when using a tank, as equipping it decreases the MBT's damage taken by 25%. This allows you to take more damage, for example allowing you to survive two AT4 or RPG rockets without having the explosives upgrade. Extra health is always of benefit.

Improved Warheads Package

IPB Image

Another great choice for the MBT's is the Improved Warheads package, increasing the damage of the main cannon by 25%. This raises the main damage to 1093 (437 against other tanks) and the immediate splash damage is increased from 135 to 168, increasing the splash damages killing radius. If your planning on tank versus tank combat this is recommended.

Quick Reload Package

IPB Image

The Quick Reload package cuts a second off of the reload time for the main cannons, reducing reload time to three seconds, equipping this allows you to actually deal more damage than with the Improved Warheads packages per minute so its a great choice particularly if your target is moving and hard to hit because you have more rounds to fire faster.

Smoke Counter Measures Package

IPB Image

This adds a smoke launcher to your MBT, which holds several uses. Deploying it helps to stop enemies, in particular Engineers, from tracing you. Whilst doing this it also removes tracers already attached to you. The smoke can be used to also make a hasty exit from your tank, providing cover to try and reach safety. It gives engineers repairing you also some cover to heal you and reach safety. Smoke can also be used to disguise your location. Deploy the smoke, and move position, so enemies think you are in the smoke drawing their fire away, while you use this diversion to destroy them.
A 40mm smoke launcher will also remove tracers, so abuse these bonuses or seek some cover from rockets!

High Power Optics Package

IPB Image

This is another good specialisation if you plan on removing buildings or specific targets at a distance, however if your aim is true choosing Quick Reload over High Power Optics may be better.

Alternative Weapon Package

IPB Image

The Alternative Weapon package is a great choice for the operator of a MBT. The machine gun that you are given is great for laying down suppressing fire, while also being capable of killing and finishing off enemies.

Tanks in combat

The General Rules

  • Keep your front facing towards the enemy whenever possible, tanks take twice the damage from behind, so remembering to do this is vital for success.
  • Keep your tank moving, if your guarding an area, drive through it, just try to make sure you are moving more than the length of your tank, it will help you to avoid mortar strikes and makes it more difficult for infantry to stick you with C4.
  • The gunner shouldn't been looking in the same direction as the the operator. Gunners should be on the look out for enemies, in particular the ones capable of attempting to shoot rockets, plant C4 or dropping AT mines.
  • Try to take some form of cover whenever possible. It will help to hide you presence from the enemy and to stop rockets from hitting you.
  • Don't chase one target, if the enemy retreats, let them. Focusing one person for to long will make it easier for enemies to stick you with C4 among other things.
  • Remember to communicate with one and another, informing each other of vehicle and enemy locations is vital to your success.
    Remember to spot them first though!


As the Operator

Tanks are at a disadvantage against helicopters, 11 missiles from behind is capable of destroying a tank, and because of the helicopter's high mobility and quick reload time they are difficult both to hit and to avoid. Moving to try and avoid enemy fire can be attempted, however may not prove effective. When you are moving, try to move towards an anti-air gun this way you either have something to use if your tank gets busted or so whoever is using the turret is able to destroy or scare the chopper away. If a helicopter does hover for a second to long, make sure to fire a shell in case you hit!
Moving is also needed to help keep the tank's gunner capable of hitting the helicopter.

As the gunner

When facing a helicopter from the gunner's seat, the only sensible thing to do is fire and keep holding that trigger down; eventually you will overheat, however the only way that helicopter will be removed is by a ton fire, so the more spamming the better! Helicopters can also hover over a tank, which causes both you and the operator to be unable to fire on the target, hopefully the operator has the sense to keep moving to try and avoid this. Sometimes helicopter pilots can be so focused on avoiding a tank, they hover still for a fraction to long, and also if the pilot is skilled and circle strafes the tank to avoid fire, the circle the pilot is turning in will be smaller so it is easier to trace the helicopter. Remember to jump out, fire and get back in however because a lot of rockets could be coming your way fast.

Overall you are at a steep disadvantage and in many instances it may be better to abandon the tank to seek some form of serious anti-air power rather than fight with a handicap and die.

Tanks vs Light Vehicles

As the Operator

There really isn't too much challenge in fighting light vehicles, only the buggies with the grenade launchers provide even a minimal threat. Hitting them can be a bit of a challenge because of their high mobility but learning to lead your shots and compensate for distance will make it easier. If you see a ATV or jeep heading straight towards you, stopping this vehicle should become your #1 priority. One of the quick tank killing techniques is to load up a light fast vehicle with C4 and drive it into a tank, either allowing you to jump off and detonate or allowing another player, generally hiding at their spawn to detonate. Your only counter is to reverse away while trying to blast it with your cannon.

As the Gunner

The standard technique applies, spam rounds against the vehicle, try to aim for the driver and / or the gunner so they take damage instead of just damaging the vehicle. Also, if you do see a suspected suicide vehicle pile rounds into the driver and try to stop it reaching the MBT.

Your have the advantage in terms of fire power, any lightly armoured vehicle attacking you is placing themselves at a great disadvantage, so use the advantage to disintegrate them.

Tanks vs Tanks

As the Operator

Depending on your competence with tanks and the area your fighting in, a tank battle can either be a simple business or an absolute nightmare. In any confrontation there are several important things to always try and do with a tank.
  • As the driver and operator of the cannon always try to keep your front to the enemy or seek cover. As soon as an enemy tank is sighted this should be one of the first things you do, along with initiating combat by firing first.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, retreating to a safe distance with your tank for repairs is great. You can use this as an opportunity to get yourself into a good position also, try to choose a position behind a building that the tank in pursuit will drive past. Hopefully this should allow for one or two cannon shots to be side hits, crippling his health points and hopefully destroying him.
  • If you find yourself in tank versus tank combat while enemy infantry is nearby try to keep moving, even if its just reversing. This will help to keep Engineers, C4 happy Recons and Assaults off your tail.

As the Gunner

Acting as the gunner for a MBT during a tank versus tank battle can often result in spending quite a large amount of time out side of the tank, assisting in other ways. Here are some of the things you should be doing to help out the tank's operator:
  • Keep the tank's health as high as possible, as soon as you take a hit from another tank, jump out and give it a full blast of your repair tool and jump back into that tank.
  • When you hop out of the tank, use the opportunity to shoot a rocket at the opposing tank, surprising as it may seem your launcher does more damage than the 120mm and 125mm cannons to Tanks.
  • Help protect the MBT by watching the sides and behind the tank. Many enemies will try to take advantage of your focus upon the enemy tank and stick a few explosive gifts onto you.
Tank battles are perhaps the hardest part of operating a main battle tank. While it is important to have a proficient driver and shooter, the role of the gunner / engineer is just as important. Keeping up the tank's health and firing rockets along side the main tank cannon will often be the deciding factor in a tank battle.

Tanks vs IVF's

As the Operator

More or less in a combat situation with a IFV is a lot like a tank that cannot do as much damage. However there are some slight differences. The IFV is slightly smaller than a tank and because of this has more manoeuvrability. So keeping your front can be slightly hard than with a normal tank. If you are caught off guard by a IFV on your side or rear prepare to leave your tank quickly, using the Alternative Weapon package gives the operator a TOW missile which when used in conjunction with the IFV's 30mm Bushmaster Mark II primary weapon will literally kill a tank in seconds. Apart from that the general rules apply: Try to get side hits in with your cannon and don't let yourself get flanked.

As the Gunner

Focus on keeping tank health high, as it can be stripped fast by a TOW missile. While outside the tank try to fire one or more rockets towards the opposing IFV to assist in destroying it. Apart from that, focus on keeping your flanks protected from Engineers and Recon's and listening to the operator if needed.

Tanks vs Infantry

As the Operator

As the driver of MBT when your primarily against infantry, your main focus should be removing the enemies cover either killing them in the process or allowing easy access for your gunner to remove the target. Try to keep moving your tank to make it harder for Engineers, Recons and Assaults to assault your tank. Always keep an eye out for incoming vehicles and to reinforce the point. KEEP MOVING! If you stay stationary for two long, your bound to feel the brunt of rockets, C4 and mortars.
If you think your main job when in the MBT will include infantry removal, equip the Alternative Weapons package for the machine gun.

As the Gunner

Since infantry are most vulnerable to your machine gun, fire in medium to long bursts while spotting the enemies also, if an enemy escapes keeping him spotted is vital, so your team can finish him off. These 50.cal machine guns are also great target suppressors, so use them to keep the enemy locked down while the operator uses his cannon to blow them to smithereens or they are killed by another enemy.

The Rocket Launcher

Rocket launchers are the most common form of anti-tank weaponry used against you. Engineers are quick and agile compared to a tank, so finding them may be hard. When you are first hit by a rocket launcher, there are two things you must do. Figure out his location using the damage indicator that appears on screen and turn your tank to face this direction. The next time the engineer pokes his launcher out, try to return fire killing him either with a direct hit or splash damage. Gunners should be repairing the tank or watching your flanks for other threats.

While fighting against infantry may seem simple, since enemies are so small they are capable of hiding behind cover and firing rockets at you, which pack a real punch. Try to hide behind a building for cover if rockets are flying towards you.

Target Priority

Naturally counters in Bad Company 2 involving not only tanks, but everything can vary greatly with the presentation of enemies in different locations and so forth. However common sense can be applied when using tanks, for what to target in what order. In general anything aware to your presence and is capable of destroying a tank can be considered a high priority. After that any vehicle at all. For infantry killing Engineers above all others is vital.

Other threats


IPB Image

C4 deals 865 damage to vehicles, meaning that two C4 packages are capable of destroying any vehicle. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as laying a C4 traps or sticking the packets to a jeep or quad and driving into the tank. However the most common method is to stick the C4 to the tank. For this to occur enemies have to be close to the tank, so being mobile can help to avoid this. C4 makes a distinct noise when attached to a tank, so when you here this noise, bail out! Kill the enemy (if possible) to nullify the C4 charges, or just run for cover as these little packages of fury are deadly. C4 is generally only available to the Recon class so if you see any Wookies blast away!
These are also available to the Assault class if the assault rifle is swapped for an all kits weapon.

IPB Image

Anti Tank Mines

IPB Image

The same as C4, Anti Tank Mines or ATM's are capable of destroying tanks with two mines. However unlike the C4 you they are drop and goes. These will not disappear unless more than six are dropped by same same player, when the seventh is dropped the first will disappear. Locations for ATM placements vary from player to player, but high tank traffic areas, conquest flags and right outside the team spawns are generally popular areas. Try to look out for these mines and blow them up before continuing on your merry way, some maps like Panama Canal disguise ATM's very well, so paranoia is a good thing!
Refer to the Anti-Tank Mine Tip of the Week for more information!

The Repair Tool

IPB Image

Contrary to popular belief the repair tool doesn't just repair vehicles, but also damages them. While the tank has so much health that the Repair Tool cannot destroy it without over heating, it is quite capable of finishing off a tank on low health. So if the tank's health is dropping and you cannot see why, you will most likely hear a grinding noise, indicating that a Engineer is damaging the tank.
For more information on the Repair Tool refer to the "Repair Man" Tip of the Week!

Tracer Darts

IPB Image

While these little suckers cannot inflict damage they allow engineers to shoot from cover and over longer distances. They also travel at a great speed and because of that are hard to avoid. When you do get stuck, take some sort of cover, the higher the better.
A rocket can't get you if there's a building in the way!

Third Person View

Third person view is a great ability available in Bad Company 2 for most vehicles. Utilizing this is great because it has significant pluses. It allows you to see the sides of the tanks, which is great when navigating through narrow paths so if your travelling from spot to spot try using the third person mode, also you can see enemies on the sides which you would not normally be able to see allowing you to catch out those sneaky C4 planting Recons. You can see around corners also, and it removes the tank HUD, giving you a clearer view of the surrounding area.

Tanks will prove to be astoundingly useful once you master their benefits and understand their weaknesses, so persevere through the difficult learning process to reap the benefits. Remember "With great power comes great responsibility."

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