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Beginner's Guide To Bad Company 2

By Church - 13th February 2010 - 10:26 AM

Welcome to the guide which will help you learn a few key aspects of Bad Company 2. These are the basic pieces of knowledge needed to play, there is much more to learn and understand once you get a few hours under your belt. For now, let's start by choosing a server running the Rush game type, and joining it.

Starting Up

Once you've found a server and loaded, you will be presented with your battle menu which can be used to select your squad, spawn point, class, weapons, and specializations.

There is the option to join any of the eight squads (max. 4 members per squad). It is senseless not to be in a squad as it will provide you with good spawn points! You can spawn at the designated team base, or on any squad mates providing they are alive (and not stationed in a vehicle which is at full capacity).

The four classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon have both unique, and shared weapons. Use the menu to fully customize your kits - as you gain points in battle, more weapons and specializations will be unlocked.

The interface is quite standard, on the bottom right is your ammo count which will tell you the number of rounds left in your current magazine and the total number of rounds you are carrying. The bottom left houses the mini-map, it shows friendlies and spotted hostiles, this can be expanded to cover the full screen by pressing M. Health level is indicated using a border of blood around the perimeter of the screen - the greater the area of the blood, the lower the health remaining.

The game controls are simple enough, aside from the obvious WASD, Left-Click, 1234 etc there are a few which need mentioning.

Left Shift = Sprint
Q = Spot Enemy
Middle Mouse Button (MMB) = Melee attack
E = Activate or Disarm M-COMs
F = Throw hand grenade


Four different soldier classes are available in Bad Company 2.


The grunt of any squad and the only soldier capable of carrying assault rifles. Ammo resupplies ensure that the assault class can play a supporting role too. When using an assault rifle you will also be equipped with a grenade launcher which can perform just about any job required of it. If a shotgun or Thompson is chosen as the main weapon, C4 will replace the 40mm tube. For running around in the thick of action with the sole ambition of killing enemies, choose assault


The Engineer class plays a vital role in keeping the vehicles and transports up and running throughout the game. Not only do they keep your vehicles up and running but they are key to keeping those enemy tanks at bay. This means that you are in the front line for most of the game, which is why the sub machine gun is the perfect fit for the Engineer class. Although an engineer is a risky job in Bad Company 2, if you are able to keep your vehicles at a constant high health, your team will succeed. Travelling in vehicles is the most common way to provide support, allowing you to jump in and out of the vehicles, constantly repairing them.


The role of the medic is plain and simple - keep people alive, and revive them whenever they drop. Aside from first aid duties, medics only other contribution is through it's primary weapon (a heavy machine gun). A machine gun doesn't make the medic a front line combatant though, if the medic falls, there's no one around to heal injured squad mates. Selecting medic as an attacker means you must be prepared to do everything possible to revive fallen allies, helping to preserve tickets and reinforce any offensive pushes.


Recon can be played in two different ways. Firstly as a more traditional Sniper and Spotter by searching for and picking off enemies from a suitable vantage point and secondly as an aggressive demolitions support player. A long barrelled rifle and mortar strikes make Recon a suitable long-range warrior. In close combat, a shotgun plus sensor grenades and C4 will help one create carnage in urban environments. When sniping, remember to allow for the vertical drop caused by gravity. New players may often choose to snipe because it will result in less deaths, but unless your aim is expert it's a fruitless exercise. Sniping is a practice which should be undertaken once a more advanced knowledge of the game has been developed.


ATV - Rapid insertion quad bike capable of carrying a driver and rear passenger
Vodnik Transport - Lightly armoured troop transport with room for 4 soldiers
M3A3 Bradley Light Tank - Medium-Strength shell firing tank with anarmored enclosure for the 2nd gunner
BMD3 Bakhcha Light Tank - Grenade lobbing tank with the 2nd gunner exposed
T90R Tank - Heavy tank, top or the range armour and damage
AH-60 Blackhawk - Transport chopper with a mounted gun on either side
AH-64 Apache Helicopter - Attack chopper
UAV1 TV Chopper - Unmanned vehicle controlled via TV, capable of firing air-to-ground missiles.

Guns, Gadgets and Specializations

Dozens of upgrades will be unlocked as you score points on the battlefield. There are class-specific upgrades which require points to be earned in a specific class, and global upgrades which are unlocked based on total score.

Each new gun has slightly different attributes, whereas unlocked gadgets often provide new functionality.

Specializations are personnel or vehicle upgrades which can be used to improve speed, armour, ammo, damage and many more! Only one personnel and one vehicle specialization can be used at any given time. A 3rd specialization slot can be used (in the beta) to expand the number of rounds a shotgun can fire before reloading.

Game Modes


Rush involves an attacking, and defending team. The role of the attackers is to destroy two M-COM sites (A and B) at four different positions/stages. After the A and B sites are destroyed at the first position, the map expands and the next two sites appear, and so on. Defenders are trying to stop the attackers advancing and destroying the sites. Attackers will be victorious if they manage to destroy all M-COM sites (4x2) before running out of tickets. Defenders will be victorious if at least one M-COM site is intact when the Attacker's tickets reach zero.


Conquest involves attacking and holding three points for as long as possible. In all maps there is one point near each of the two teams' starting position, and one between them. By holding the majority of the points and killing their soldiers, you will reduce the enemy's tickets. Once a team's tickets reach zero, they lose and the match is over.

Squad Rush

Squad Rush is a special eight player variant of Rush. Played on smaller maps, each team has only four members, and there are only two M-COM stations to destroy. As in normal rush, one side has to attack and destroy these stations, and the other team has to prevent them from doing so.

Squad Deathmatch

Squad Deathmatch is a simple team deathmatch variant, where there are four squads of four members competing to be the first to reach 50 kills. These maps are usually small, and there is only one respawning vehicle, usually an APC.

General Tips

Most objects/buildings are able to be destroyed by an appropriate level of force. Doors and Fences can be removed using a Melee Attack and sections of buildings are vulnerable to Grenades, RPGs, Tank Fire and Explosives.

It is possible to scale most hills/cliffs by sprinting forward into them, rather than jumping. By holding down sprint and forward you should eventually run up to the top.

Spotting enemies is a great way of helping your team. Once spotted, a red triangle will appear above your enemies - revealing their location to your team. Spotted enemies will also show up on the map as red arrows, or a vehicle icon. Using a tracer pistol to paint targets also helps anti-vehicle operations.

There's more than just killing, support roles are just as important. If you find yourself dropping quickly in fire fights, try a more supportive role. Ammo Resupply, Healing, Reviving, Repairing and Spotting are vital to the team's success. The best thing is, there are many points to be gained from all support actions, so a good support player will always be high up in the rankings.

Vehicles are for keeps, never evacuate a tank if you are in hostile territory. Chances are an enemy soldier will jump in and get it repaired. The tank will not respawn until it is destroyed, regardless of who is in control of it. If the defenders manage to steal the heavy tank it should make the round un-winnable for the attackers. Conversely, if you see enemy vehicles unoccupied, jump in, take them back to base and get a repair. Against weaker players, it is worth trying to hide near their tank spawn and try and make a run for it when it spawns unguarded. The bottom line - if a tank is empty, jump in!

Finally, don't be afraid, play aggressive, play for the objective, challenge yourself. Squad up and work out what the squad needs, and how the offense/defense should be managed. Whilst new players often make the mistake of being timid, you will actually learn the game quicker if you involve yourself in it as much as possible. Chase the big packs of opponents and entrench yourself in gunfire. Make that spectacular dive and revive, or an ambitious push with your squad.

The best way to learn is playing - so get out there and enjoy destroying stuff!