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In Laguna, B Flag Captures You

By Falls - 1st February 2011 - 21:04 PM

Laguna Presa is one of the most popular conquest maps for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It is characterized by a river system, dense foliage, easily destructible huts, opportunities for very creative flanking routes, and some devilish sniper positions. In the following article, I'm going to follow up on my last article about attacking and defending 'A' and move on to 'B'! Enjoy!

IPB Image
This image also has some popular sniping positions marked on it. Keep a sharp eye out!

The B flag is often the most hotly-contested point during matches, and for good reason. It has the unique characteristic of being the high ground on the map. It is a dominant terrain feature, offering a 360-degree view of a vast majority of the map, and thus, gives the team holding it a significant tactical advantage. Beyond that, the B flag is nearly impossible to defend from a fixed position. The flag is on the top of a hill and can be approached from almost all directions. Additionally, players attempting to capture are extremely vulnerable to snipers, mortar strikes, 40mm grenades, and hand grenades. Having a knowledge of the layout of this point is extremely important if you are to attack or defend it effectively.

One of the most challenging aspects of attacking or defending B is that you can approach it from virtually any side and there are very few choke points. However, there are a few major avenues of approach that can be booby trapped with C4 or simply covered by direct fire. Motion sensors on point B can be an absolute nightmare, due to the congested nature of the point. Therefore, as in my first guide, I'll lay out a few classes and load outs that I find to be extremely effective when assaulting or defending.


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Da Splasher - Engineer

"I can't aim for *$@!. But then again, I don't have to!"
  • UMP-45
  • MP-443 Grach
  • Carl Gustav
  • Lightweight Combat Equipment
  • Improved Demolitions
Point B has a unique characteristic: there are several spots where defenders just love to pop a squat and wait for the attacker (you) to pop your head around a corner and put a round between your running lights. However, there is one important thing to remember about these spots: they all have backdrops—they're pressed up against rocky outcroppings, fences, or the ground itself. This means that you can take snapshots with you CG rockets and, especially with improved demolitions equipped, have a very good chance of scoring a kill. Beyond that, the UMP is arguably the finest SMG in the game, with good damage, low recoil, and excellent iron sights. So, familiarize yourself with favorite defending spots, and put some 84mm hate down on their heads. If you think a defender might be hiding behind an obstacle but you aren't sure, just fire a rocket there just the same. If he's close, the huge splash radius of the Gustav will let you know he's nearby, and then you can toss a grenade, fire another rocket, or go in and kill him Boondock Saints style.

Old Faithful - Assault

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  • M416
  • M1911 .45
  • 40mm Smoke
  • Lightweight Equipment
  • Magnum Ammo
IPB Image

This is a more traditional setup for attackers that works well on a lot of maps, and Laguna Presa is no different. The 416 is a great traditional assault rifle that offers excellent medium and short-range stopping power, good iron sights, and a decent reload time. Additionally, 40mm smoke and lightweight movement can offer concealment and speed with which to press the attack, and the 1911 is a good compromise between damage, rate of fire, and magazine size. Magnum ammo is a personal choice, but body armor would be an excellent alternative.
If you don't like ARs in close-quarter situations, swap the smoke launcher for the 40mm shotgun, which offers unrivaled close-quarter firepower.


That Angry Guy in the Bar - Recon

"Which one of you pricks wanna fight me?"

IPB Image
  • USAS-12
  • MP-443 Grach
  • C4 explosives
  • Increased ammo capacity
  • Extended shotgun magazine
This is a brawler class designed to utilize the massive killing potential of automatic shotguns, coupled with the tactical advantage of motion sensors. The capture zone on B is somewhat restricted, and requires players to keep moving to survive. This plays right into your hands. By deploying a motion sensor around the flag itself, you can track enemy movement around the entire area. Armed with this knowledge and a tubular magazine full of hate and discontent, keep yourself to the flanks, try to get behind enemies, and bring bad news down on their heads. However, you can't be everywhere at once, and that's where your C4 comes in handy. Lay down some C4 in good capture spots and make sure they're covered by your motion sensors. This will act as a huge force multiplier, allowing you to keep the enemy at bay even if you can't see them. Just make sure you use your motion sensors judiciously, and if you have a buddy playing as assault, then just spam them constantly. This alone will make it extremely difficult for the enemy to get a foothold.

The Left Tackle - Medic

"This team is your family. YOU have to protect them."
  • 870 Combat
  • MP-443 Grach
  • Defibrillator
  • MedKit Improved Range
  • Body Armor
IPB Image

This is a classic defender's class with a bit of a twist. The medic is the staple for any defending team, but in lieu of the traditional light machine gun, I've swapped in a pump action shotgun. Combat in and around the B flag can be very in-your-face. Using a shotgun will give you a huge advantage in these situations. The improved heal is obviously for your teammates, allowing them to get healed and back in the fight faster. Drop your med packs in places away from the bulk of the fighting so your team won't get slaughtered trying to heal. When I run this setup, I stay away from the bulk of the fighting and watch the flanks, basically defending not just the point, but my team's blind side. When you see those little lighting bolts show up on your radar, rely on trusty Mr. 870. Move in to revive your teammate, but keep your shotgun out until the last second. This will keep you ready to deal with any bad guys that are between you and your fallen teammate, and body armor will help to keep you alive.
If you're not a fan of body armor, then swap in for MedKit Improved Heal, which will help rack up some serious points and keep your team in good health.


The B flag can often become quite the meat grinder if both teams are pushing hard for it. It can be approached from almost any direction and requires a very sharp eye and a faster trigger-finger to survive while defending or attacking. But once you get used to the usual avenues of approach and the blind spots, you'll know where to toss those grenades, fire those rockets, or where to just avoid completely. Hopefully you found this article helpful. I had a fun time writing it and researching the classes that I recommended. Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion thread telling me what a genius I am, or if you think I'm a donut munching, venom spewing moron, you can tell me that too.

Thanks for reading! I'll see you in the trenches!