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Meet The Smoker

By Moliat - 9th April 2010 - 19:41 PM

The Assault kit is well-renowned for being one of the more versatile class kits in Bad Company 2. However the most under-utilized part of the equipment is the 40mm smoke launcher. At first glance trading away your beloved entry point maker, the 40mm grenade launcher, or the attachable shotgun might seem as bad idea. This is not the case.

40mm Smoke Grenade Launcher
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While the grenade launcher may be a handy tool in killing enemies behind cover or making new openings in the enemy defenses, the smoke launcher can give you the very lethal "ninja-edge" to your playstyle, if used correctly. In one way or another, Bad Company 2 is all about breaking the enemy's defenses, and there is no better way of doing so than by sneaking in shooting them all in the back.

Penetrating the Enemy Lines

One way of attempting this is by blowing a hole in the wall. This lets your enemy know which chokepoint you will be going through however, and while the same can be said about the smoke launcher as the cloud itself is very easy to spot, triggering a smoke cloud in front of you will render the enemy unable to see you directly. While they may still blind-fire into the smoke cloud, they will get far less hits than if you were fully visible.

One of the uses is to shoot a smoke grenade in front of you and start running. The enemy will have no idea from where you will emerge, and if you produce smoke clouds consecutively in leap-frog fashion as you move, you will be able to travel a very long distance without taking much damage. The trick in doing so is learning the exact radius of the smoke cloud, so that you can set them off at distances that will require you to launch fewer shells. Not running out of smoke grenades is the aim here, but that shouldn't be a problem since you will have an ammo crate anywhere you want, when you want it.

If all of your other ammunition is full, then it takes about 1.5 seconds to replenish one launcher shell, in this case a smoke grenade. If you jump while running and throw an ammo crate in front of you, you will be able to replenish one (and sometimes even two) shell(s) without having to stop, rendering you able to produce the chain of smoke indefinitely.

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Deploying a line of smoke when dashing between covers can save your life.

Bail Out or Storm the Trenches

Moving safely forwards is just one of very many uses. Another and far more simply executed maneuver is to simply block the enemy's line of sight. If there's a bunch of enemies laying down suppressive fire, you can simply launch a couple of smoke grenades towards your enemies (though not behind them) which will either force them to move forward, rendering them vulnerable to your fire, or wait and see what comes next. The outcome of the second option is entirely up to you. Blocking the enemy's vision has given your team the possibility to either bail out, storm the fort or even flank the defenders. Just remember that the smoke doesn't last very long, so you'll have to move quickly.

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Concealed Breach
In the above picture, a smoke grenade is used in conjunction with an already torn-up wall to conceal the movements of the attackers and provide additional cover during the breach of the defenses.

Tactical Objective Execution

Another use is fighting ninja-style. If you're assaulting an M-COM station, then after you've armed the bomb you will usually want to defend it. Firing a smoke grenade right next to you every now and then will create a grey carpet which the enemy has to enter to be able to see you. You will see the enemy from the inside of the smoke better than they will spot you from outside. They will have no idea where you are inside the cloud, but you will know where they are coming from. Executing this move properly will in many cases make you alone able to arm and destroy a M-COM station all by yourself.

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Hiding in Smoke
Remember that the smoke grenade does not provide a long-lasting smoke cover, so you will have to deploy new ones frequently if the covering carpet is to remain while you defend the position. Also, a single smoke shell is not sufficient in hiding you entirely from outside view, so the tip is to throw out an ammo crate and fire a smoke shell every 3-5 seconds, depending on the intensity of fighting going on around you.

These are only a few of many uses of the 40mm smoke launcher. The bottom line is; use your imagination and you can become a sneaky thorn in the side for your enemy. Though the techniques might fail in the beginning, all it takes is a little practice. Once you've perfected the art of laying down smoke, you'll be a deadly and stealthy machine.