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Bad Company 2 Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week: #4 Assaulting An M-COM Station

Friday, 12 Mar 2010
Destroying M-COM stations in the Rush game mode is the key objective of the attacking team in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and there are many ways of successfully completing your goal. Here are a few basics steps to follow to aid in your quest to eliminate the defending team's prized...
Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week: #3 Defending An M-COM Station

Thursday, 4 Mar 2010
Protecting M-COM stations in the Rush game mode is the key objective of the defending team in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and there are many ways of successfully doing so. Here are a few basic steps to follow to aid you in your goal of shielding these valuable assets from the Attackers.The...
Strategy Guide

A Guide To The Assault's 40mm Launcher

Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010
Traditionally, the Assault class has always been the kit that best allows the player to kill; the Assault kit in Battlefield: Bad Company: 2 is no exception. Equipping the player with a high power, accurate assault rifle, complimented with an under-barrel 40mm launch tube, and the ability to...
Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week: #2 Cover And Concealment

Saturday, 27 Feb 2010
Both cover and concealment are very important concepts that need to be understood (this is the easy part), and then implemented in your everyday game-play as instinct - so you don't have to think about it (the hard bit).Most people can learn to be good at shooting. Aim, and a feel for scatter,...
Strategy Guide

A Guide To The Engineer's Rocket Launcher

Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
The Engineer class in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has gotten a much needed overhaul from the previous Battlefield games; utilizing characteristics that either allow the player to dominate in armored warfare, or equipment to provide the role of anti-tank and emplacements, the Engineer Class is a...
Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week: #1 Squad Combat

Sunday, 21 Feb 2010
In Bad Company 2, DICE have included squad mechanics as a very important aspect of maximizing the success of yourself and your team. The squad feature gives you distinct advantages of over people trying to win the game single-handedly. It allows you to be able to spawn next to your squad mates in...
Strategy Guide

Bad Company 2: In Your Face Recon

Monday, 15 Feb 2010
Snipers. We've all seen them. They spawn, climb onto a high perch, and start picking off enemies (or at least trying to). They die, they go right back up there. They get involved in low-stakes sniper duels. They occasionally score a lucky hit from miles back, and scream into the headset. They...
Strategy Guide

Beginner's Guide To Bad Company 2

Saturday, 13 Feb 2010
Welcome to the guide which will help you learn a few key aspects of Bad Company 2. These are the basic pieces of knowledge needed to play, there is much more to learn and understand once you get a few hours under your belt. For now, let's start by choosing a server running the Rush game type, and...
Strategy Guide

Bad Company 2 Rush Offensive Guide

Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010
Rush, 1 of the 5 game modes Battlefield : Bad Company 2 will be released with, is an Attack/Defend style of game mode, pitting two teams against each other, consisting of 16 players per team. - As the Attacking team, your objective is to destroy two postions marked A and B in each stage. There...