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Bad Company 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

What Are Specializations?

Friday, 19 Nov 2010
Bad Company 2 is a game of modifications. Of modifying your equipment to your own desires. The game has been out since March this year and everyone has developed his own play style and picked a class and weapon, best suited for his tastes. But there seems to be a lot of confusion among players,...
Strategy Guide

Type 88 Sniper Rifle Master Guide

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010
The Type 88 Sniper rifle or QBU-88 sniper rifle is deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and is manufactured by the China North Industries Corporation. The Type 88 was designed as a designated marksman rifle rather than a pure sniper rifle. It's designed to fire at longer ranges than...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week #34: Covering the Charge

Monday, 15 Nov 2010
We have all been in this position. You are the attacking team and you have pushed your way up to the MCOM's; losing many respawn tickets, vehicles, and patience along the way. Your team manages to get a slight foothold in the enemy base and then the magic red lights of victory along with the...
Strategy Guide

Advanced Squad Tactics

Thursday, 11 Nov 2010
Advanced Squad Tactics will cover several aspects of squad team play on infantry focused maps. While these tactics are all possible with larger teams, it is easier and, in my experience, more effective with single squads as they are more compact units and allow for more effective communication....
Strategy Guide

F2000 Master Guide

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2010
The FN F2000 was created by FN Herstal, a company in Belgium. It is of Bullpup layout and is ambidextrous, meaning both left and right handed shooters are capable of using it from the get-go. The safety and trigger mechanism were both adopted from the P-90 submachine gun. Generally the F2000 is...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #33: The Mindset of a Modern Warrior

Sunday, 7 Nov 2010
It's time we pay respect to the most valuable piece of equipment in a soldier's arsenal: his mind. We talk a lot about maps and gear with a little bit of thought process thrown in, but today we're going to reverse that. In Bad Company 2, Gear + Hands (mouse/keyboard) + Decision Making = Level of...
Strategy Guide

It's All About Buildings

Friday, 5 Nov 2010
Bad Company 2 is a game of diversity, a member of which is Close Quarters Combat or CQB. A big part of CQB in this game is “building to building” combat. Be it an urban scenario, a base in the jungle or a few stacks of planks making an excuse for being a shack, a building is the ultimate...
Strategy Guide

MG3 Master Guide

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010
It can become obvious to anybody, that this proven German machine gun is a real monster, just by looking at it. Trained eyes will immediately spot all similarities the MG3 design has with the World War 2 icon, the MG42. In fact, the MG3 was developed by the same manufacturer � Rheinmetall in...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #32: Deforestation by Lead

Sunday, 31 Oct 2010
Cover is an essential part of Bad Company 2, and the options are numerous but so are the opposing team's options when it comes to neglecting you yours. While man-made objects like buildings and fences provide hard cover and simple visual cover, nature also tosses in a few coins of its own. While...
Strategy Guide

PerfectDeath on Arica Harbour

Thursday, 28 Oct 2010
One of the newer alternative map modes, Arica has taken a drastic turn from the Rush mode. In Rush, Arica Harbour is heavy on vehicle combat requiring tight infantry support. In Arica Harbour - Conquest, those vehicles take a back seat and only a quad is present for the US spawn.This map...