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Bad Company 2 Videos


Meet The Slugger!

Saturday, 8 May 2010
Although the slug round is widely underused, underappreciated, and mis-understood, the MCS-870 with slugs is probably the third most powerful weapon in the game after the infamous Carl Gustav and the M60. Meet the Slugger!So why is it so powerful? Well, in my honest opinion, it is pixel-accurate...

A Video Guide To The Shotgun

Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010
We've not had any video content for a little while now, so we dug up a video that has been lying in the staff room for a rainy day. This video will give you a healthy introduction into the world of pain that is shotguns with the Sabot shells specialisation. It couldn't come at a better time -...

Voodoo's Recon Series: Quickscoping

Friday, 16 Apr 2010
The Recon class is one of the most complex and dynamic of all the classes Bad Company 2 offers. This is the first of a complete video series on the Recon class, highlighting absolutely everything you need to know to make you a lethal force on the battlefield. The first part in this...

A Video Guide To Dragshooting

Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
I thought I had seen it all, but it wasn't until the BFBC2 beta that I came across the term "dragshooting" and it initially looked more like aimbotting to me. We have all seen impressive "flick" shots in basically every FPS and while they may look similar, they are in fact completely...

Adapting From MW2 To BC2

Wednesday, 7 Apr 2010
To help accomodate members of Gamereplays.org into Bad Company 2 since the shut down of the Modern Warfare 2 portal, along with many others worldwide who have made the move, Commentators VooDoo_BoSs and andysfile have discussed what needs to be taken into account to succeed on the battlefield....

Voodoo's Engineer Overview

Saturday, 20 Mar 2010
The Engineer class is arguably the most important class in Bad Company 2. With no Engineers, armour would be unstoppable, and what class you are wouldn't matter once you got into that tank.The next video in our VooDoo's Videos series deals with this somewhat overhauled class, still something of a...

Voodoo's Medic Overview

Thursday, 11 Mar 2010
Bad Company 2 has just come out, and players are looking for a way to get a lot of points fast, while still helping out their team and having fun. The medic class does this quite effectively. It is by far the single most important aspect to a team, and the presence of a group of medics can easily...

Voodoo's Assault Overview

Friday, 5 Mar 2010
As Bad Company 2 is stealing hordes of players from Modern Warfare 2, many players might be having trouble adjusting to the completely new style of gameplay. This video goes over the gamestyle and mechanics of the assault class, an effective class essential for any team to succeed. Quality will...

Voodoo's Recon Overview

Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010
Battlefield Bad Company 2 has just hit the shelves, and as you are all adjusting from the point-and-shoot mentality of Modern Warfare 2 to the unique style of DICE's latest, you might be having some difficulties. This video is a in-depth mechanics guide to the Sniper side of the Recon class and...