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BF3 Loadout 1

By shugyosha - 12th January 2012 - 02:03 AM

The following article is the first of hopefully more subjective takes at Battlefield 3 loadouts. It should be clear that the game does not have the perfect loadout, or even a perfect loadout for each class. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what various community members have to say about their favorite loadouts.

I switch classes quite a bit to be able to play the objective effectively, but most of the time you will find me running the engineer. I play mostly Rush, but also conquest and TDM on occaision. With small changes, this setup is my preferred one in all three game modes:

IPB Image

Primary: AK-74u
As soon as I unlocked the SCAR-H I went with this gun until the next unlock came by. With Back to Karkand, I compared the new and old guns ingame. Although the new HK-53/G53 is very solid, the nearly forgotten AK became my primary of choice for the engineer. It is a little bit more focused on close quarter battles than most SMGs, has a decent clipsize, and, in my view, the best handling of all SMGs. My primary is equipped with a PKA-S (Holo), Grip, and Suppressor to further enhance the handling.

For small, urban maps I switch to the PP-19 or the similar P90 on occasion. They come in handy when you need to be very aggressive in Rush due to the high firing rate and large clipsize - kill fast, reload rarely. These guns are also my preferred choices in TDM. Although these PDWs are useable by every class, the engineer gives me a third weapon to switch to when things get desperate in this game mode.

Secondary: M9 Tactical
I noticed that I cannot do well with a sidearm that has a small clip. Admittedly I need quite some bullets to get the job done, therefore I take the gun that gives me what I need. I even prefer the M9 over the usually better G18. The reason is simple: when switching from my very controllable AK to the G18 I always screw up the shots due to the heavy recoil, even when burst firing.

First Equipment: RPG-7V2 / SMAW
No surprise here. I'm not a fan of the "no RPG on Infantry" servers, so I see this weapon as a major reason to play engineer. It is simply the best middle ground between anti-vehicle and anti-infantry that you can get. On wide open maps, like Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border, I switch to the Javelin occasionally, but even on these maps there are plenty of opportunities to blast hideouts or flank up close to a tank.

Second Equipment: M15 AT Mine
The M15 AT Mine is hands down the most lethal equipment in the game due to the fact that they do not tie you down like the mortar or MAV. They get placed nearly each and every time I spawn. Also, as I prefer infantry gameplay, the Blowtorch is simply not my equipment of choice. Even when I'm attacker in Rush there are some spots on the flanks I want protected. The fact that vehicles will find their way to these spots rarely, is balanced by the fact that many players do not think of attacking planting mines.

Specialization: SQD SUPR
My specialization switches according to the situation, but if possible, I run with the suppression boost. RPG ammo is rarely a problem for me as I tend to hit with the weapon well enough, and I am not a friend of camping and spamming rockets. Suppression not only makes my primary weapon more effective, but also makes rockets more effective against infantry. So even if I miss an entrenched enemy, I suppressed him well enough to reload/switch weapons and change my position.

This concludes my loadout article. Please jump to the forums and tell me if you want to see more loadout articles in the future. Also, if you use an interesting loadout yourself and want to write about it, be sure to contact me via PM .

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