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Caspian Border Conquest Guide

Friday, 10 Feb 2012
Welcome to the first map guide here at GameReplays.org's Battlefield 3 portal. Because the Conquest, Rush and Team Deathmatch gamemodes are all very different from each other, we will tackle maps individually instead of shoehorning every mode into one map guide. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to...
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Economy of Points

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012
One of the very few missed opportunities in Battlefield 3 is a focus upon scores: although Battlelog displays SPM (score per minute) and the scoreboard displays individual scores, a player's eyes still peek at the K/D (kill/death ratio) first. The focus on K/D has been firmly established by the...
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Soldier Specialization Guide

Friday, 6 Jan 2012
Specializations are equipable unlocks that can improve your soldier on the battlefield. It could be said that DICE has expanded upon the specialization mechanic from Battlefield: Bad company 2 by allowing the player to not just augment the soldier, but also enable the player to customize weapons...
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The Recon Class

Friday, 16 Dec 2011
For those familiar with Bad Company 2, the changes to the recon class might come as an unpleasant surprise. He has lost his trademark C4 to the Support class and his rifles have undergone some notable drops in potency. This being said, the recon class can bring a great deal to the Battlefield if...
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The Support Class

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011
Unlike what the word "support" suggests, the support class in Battlefield 3 is as much a frontline soldier as the assault class. His equipment is a mixture of tools that don't work all that well together, but one ability alone makes the support soldier a worthwhile addition to every...
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The Engineer Class

Monday, 14 Nov 2011
In the combined arms warfare portrayed in Battlefield 3 engineers are a very important component. This class excels at many tasks with flexible equipment but is mostly known for dispatching enemy vehicles. Even a player who primarily uses another class will occasionally want to spawn as an...
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The Assault Class

Monday, 7 Nov 2011
The assault class soldier in Battlefield 3 is a good allrounder. His rifles are, at the very least, decent at all ranges, while his support abilities are useful in many situations. Let's take a closer look at the available equipment of the class and how to use it.Primary WeaponsAlthough the name...