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Battle for Middle Earth eSports Coverage


ClanWars Report February 09

Sunday, 1 Mar 2009
Only one word is needed to characterize the last month of ClanWars: Inactivity. The last match that was played in the tournament was already five days before the month was actually over. No exceptional efforts were needed in order to get a high rank with your clan or as warrior in February....

Quickmatch Report February 2009

Monday, 23 Feb 2009
During the past two months there were quite a few changes at the top of the 1vs1 Quickmatch ladder. Contrary to widespread expectations, many of the high ranked players started playing on their top accounts again. The race for rank 1 is active again and there were several new number ones during...

Yet Another Month In ClanWars Passes By

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009
The month of January was a month of declined activity in the clanwars league. There were, once again, fairly tight margins for the top clan to work with. Overall, January was a decent month in the league, granted the outcomes were fairly predictable. There isn't anything very significant to be...

Battle For Middle Earth 1v1 Tournament Final

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009
The most recent GameReplays Battle For Middle Earth tournament has reached its climax in an epic stand off between two great players. The two to reach the final were Axcell, the team strategy moderator, and Buttafly, an expert player. Axcell worked very hard for his spot, having to play versus...

Another Week Has Come and Gone in CW

Tuesday, 20 Jan 2009
We are now slightly more than halfway into the month of January, and the clanwars scene is active with the majority of the usual suspects. Sadly, I haven't been paying as much attention to the tournament as I normally do, due to extenuating circumstances, but I will still provide the statistical...

GR 1v1 Tournament - The Final

Monday, 19 Jan 2009
The semi finals have been played, which finally takes us to the ending point of what has been a great tournament. Making it into the final are two of the favourites Axcell (playing Rohan) and Buttafly (playing Isengard). Although Buttafly is the most feared Isengard player on BfME and the...

GR 1v1 Tournament - The Semi Finals

Saturday, 17 Jan 2009
The quarter finals are over and only four players remain in GameReplays.org 1v1 Battle for Middle Earth tournament. After ^Miho resigned, we had to replace him with EV1L, that's why we've extended the group phase for one day. 3 Rohan players and one Isengard player are left. We'll continue...

GR 1v1 Tournament - The Quarter Finals

Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009
The eights finals are over and only eight players remain in GameReplays.org 1v1 Battle for Middle Earth tournament. Only seven of eight games have been played, due to Wayward Son not having had time to play his game because of RL problems. We'll continue directly with the Quarter Finals.The...

GR 1v1 Tournament advances to the single elimination phase

Saturday, 10 Jan 2009
The tournament group phase is over. There are 16 players, 2 of each group who qualified themselves for the eights final. Because of in-activeness of some groups, the winner had to be chosen by lots. The following are the detailed results of the group-phase:Group 1:Buttafly (Isengard) - 6 points...