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Battle for Middle Earth eSports Coverage


3v3 BFMAS Tournament 60$

Monday, 10 Dec 2018
(Alan you said you would stop after Majors), Yes I said I was done with tourneys for this year but after several people asked me for a XMAS one I had to do it. I decide to come into the 3v3 Scene (Keepo) and to have something different as the usuals serious 1v1/2v2's.The plan is simple :I will...

Major Championships

Friday, 7 Dec 2018
Dear BfmerZ,The 9th of October, I was announcing that I was going to accomplish the wish that I had since the begining of the year which was to host this 1000$ tournaments in Winter. Today, I am really proud and happy to have accomplished it with the help of you guys. The 24th of October, 1v1...

The Oscars 2018

Sunday, 2 Dec 2018
Dear Friends,I decided to make for first time an Oscar Ceremony for us as we had a long year I guess it will be interesting and we going to laugh alot.From now you can start voting for your favorite nominees.I will let the vote opens for 2 weeks and then I will do the ceremony live on my Twitch...

2v2 Major Stage Champions

Monday, 26 Nov 2018
Dear BfmerzThe 2v2 Major Stage Grand Final was played yesterday and so far we had a nice one.It started with Sons of Elendil (Rohan & Isengard) winning the first game over Latin Kings (Mordor & Isengard) on Druadan Forest.Second game was (Rohan & Mordor Mirror - Anorien) and LK quickly cameback...

2v2 Major Stage Final 500$

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018
Dear Bfmerz,The two semi finals were played last week and so far we had interesting games to watch.Semi finals ended up with Latin Kings deafeating Dunelix 3-1 and Sons of Elendil winning 3-2 over SweedKurwa.Most of community been asking for this LK vs SE final and they will have it.I am happy to...

2v2 Major Stage 1/2 Finals

Monday, 12 Nov 2018
We finished the 1/4 Finals of this Major yesterday, we had some tight series and some more open.This Quarter finals started with Sons of Elendil beating 3-0 SoldiersOrNot and then we had Dunelix having a close win over Royal Always Give Up 3-2.Following up, Latin Kings won 3-0 vs Zedwell and...

1v1 Major Stage 1/8 Finals

Saturday, 10 Nov 2018
Dear Friends,I announced the 24th October that we were having 8 qualified players and that 8 from 16 had to qualify from the Challenger Stage.Challenger stage has is now finished and below you have the players that qualified to Major Stage :Group A : The Tower & ZeD Group B : Bwel & Sadixov...


Saturday, 13 Oct 2018
Hello FolksI am opening the 2v2 Sign up from today to the 4th of November 2018 (23 days).I put 16 spots available but the first 8 teams are 100% sure to be in as if we can't reach 16 I will go trough playoffs with 8 teams, first teams signining in, first served. Many teams are welcome tho.Get...


Saturday, 13 Oct 2018
Hello FolksI am opening the 1v1 Sign up from today to the 4th of November 2018 (23 days).I put 16 spots available, first signining in first served, no more spots will be open unless a big amount of people are signing up.Get your spot fast before theres no place.Date - Half of November to Half of...


Monday, 8 Oct 2018
Hello Guys,I frequently been announcing on my Twitch that I was going to host 1k Tournaments (1v1 500$ & 2v2 500$) in XMAS and thats why I am collecting money to make this project possible. I received several donations during my streams and have in the Pocket 100$.We are far from having 1k and...