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Battle for Middle Earth News


Replay Reviewing & Replay Awards

Sunday, 4 Nov 2012
Hello BfME, it's time to announce the come-back of Replay Reviewing and we welcome everyone who likes watching replays to apply for this position. The tasks of a Replay Reviewer include:Watch replays and point the most crucial mistakes out in bullet points or whatever you prefer (One review per...

feary's new Commentary

Saturday, 3 Nov 2012
feary's newest commentary features the game between Unikorn and StiWie` as Isengard/Gondor and Alan and chyna as Mordor/Isengard. The game is action packed and a good watch for sure, so make sure to check it out. Both match-ups have their advantages and disadvantages. Isengard and Mordor...

Commentary: Scop & Alan Vs Unikorn & J2C2KL

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012
feary has done another commentary for the Battle for Middle-earth section. His newest commentary features the game between Scop and Alan as Isengard/Rohan and Unikorn and J2C2KL as Gondor/Isengard. It is hard to say which match-up is better, since both match-ups allow for some strategies and...

Dual-Commentary: Scop & Alan Vs Unikorn & Stiwie

Saturday, 8 Sep 2012
feary & Fishy have done a commentary together about the game between Scop and Alan as Double Mordor and Unikorn and Stiwie as Isengard and Gondor. This is the first Dual-commentary for a 2vs2 game in a while which makes this commentary even more special and entertaining to watch. This game...

Clanwars Report - July

Thursday, 9 Aug 2012
BfME had a huge month in Clanwars last month with over 600 matches! Other than last March, this many number of games hasn't occurred since January of 2008. This was due to having six clans with over 70 matches logged and 5 with over 100 matches. Congratulations to the clan Energy for taking home...

Medals are back!

Monday, 30 Jul 2012
The Battle for Middle-earth staff is proud to announce the return of the medals! Many of you might think "Which medals?" because it was a long time ago when medals were removed. Some of the current BfME staff members already wear their former medals in their signatures. Back then, medals were...

Dual-Commentary: Strider (Gondor) vs. Orange (Isengard)

Sunday, 29 Jul 2012
Strider (Gondor) must fight his way back into the game after being gate rushed by Orange (Isengard) leaving him without upgrades for quite some time. This was my (Anarchy`) first time doing a commentary and the first dual commentary in quite some time (maybe ever?). We had some audio issues,...

1 vs. 1 Four Faction Tournament

Thursday, 26 Jul 2012
The BfME staff at GameReplays.org is proud to present another 1 vs. 1 Four Faction Tournament!Players will have the chance to show off their skills with their best army one on one against opponents of all talent. Participants will be divided into the four factions based on their list of favorite...

New Commentary: Ra/Dexter verse Chyna/J2C2KL

Saturday, 21 Jul 2012
Have a look at the newest Battle for Middle earth commentary. This is Feary's first attempt at a commentary, all constructive criticism is more than welcome. Based on the players involved, this game is bound to be an exciting and educational watch for newer players and seasoned veterans alike....

GR Password Issues (IMPORTANT)

Friday, 29 Jun 2012
In response to our recent security breach, we've significantly increased the security protecting your passwords. As a side-effect of this, all password changes within the past two weeks have been discarded. If you have reset your password within the past two weeks, it has been "un-reset" to...