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Battle for Middle Earth News


Mentor/Mentee Group Results

Saturday, 25 Sep 2010
The Mentor/Mentee tournament that took place here on GameReplays.org has proved successful. Sixteen competitors teachers and pupils battled it out in a group stage. The top two from each group will now progress into the final stage, a single knock-out bracket consisting of eight players.Here are...

Mentor/Mentee Tournament Groups

Saturday, 11 Sep 2010
A while back GameReplays.org hosted a Mentor/Mentee program in order for experienced players to teach lesser skilled adversaries to improve their gameplay. Following the program a sign up topic for a tournament came, this involves mentors and mentees to battle it out.GroupsGroup A:1 2 3 -...

Mentor/Mentee Tournament Sign up

Wednesday, 1 Sep 2010
The sign up for the Mentor/Mentee Tournament has begun. This tournament is exclusively for the participants of the last mentor/mentee project. Read the details of this tournament in the Mentor/Mentee Tournament sign up topic. We look forward to seeing you all in this tournament!

GameSpy Planned Outage Wednesday August 25th

Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010
Hello, Commanders & Conquerors!On Wednesday, August 25 at 22:00 Pacific Daylight Time (5:00 GMT on Thursday, August 26) all GameSpy services will be shut down for a period of six hours. What that means is that you will have varying degrees of service outages from no online play at all to the...

Rohan vs. Gondor Master Guide

Saturday, 21 Aug 2010
One of our writer's, and long time members has finished making a Rohan vs. Gondor Master Guide!In Anarchy`'s guide he covers everything you need to do in the match up on Fords of Isengard. It covers two strategies, one for going fast Ents, and the other Rohirrim Archers to counter Gandalf the...

Staff Positions

Monday, 16 Aug 2010
The community of the BfME section on Gamereplays.org would not be so successful without it's everlasting array of dedicated and skilled staff. Over the past week we have seen three new Strategy Specialists arise, Light (Team SS), Valor (Gondor SS) and Wayward Son (Rohan SS). We have also acquired...

Hobbit Bug now Banned

Friday, 6 Aug 2010
As some of you may already be aware by now, a new bug has swept the community of BfME. Some old-school veterans will also remember it very well with its appearance in 1.01 patch. This bug we're talking about is the ability to throw stones faster than the intended rate with a hobbit, be it Merry...

New GameSpy Ladder Admin

Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010
That's right folks, we finally have our new Gamespy Ladder Admin to run the Quick Match ladders. Who is he you may ask, well I can say he's a member here on GameReplays.org and former Strategy Specialist for Mordor. It can be said he's an avid player himself on the ladder, waving the banner for...

Mentor/Mentee Project: Pairings

Saturday, 31 Jul 2010
The pairings for the mentor/mentee program are now finished. Tomorrow the project will start. We're looking forward to having a succesful project. general grievous^ - x_strider_x456, ^Life` tomac - Lobster, LorymAnarchy - Harryhit4, UNCMan, AnAcOnDa_SquEEzWayward Son - Fate`,...

The GFX section is recruiting!

Thursday, 29 Jul 2010
Have you ever wanted to contribute more to Gamereplays.org than just discussing in the forums? If you are currently thinking "yes", then this is your opportunity to join GameReplays.orgs Graphics Team! As a part of this great and fast-expanding team you will be creating new tutorials, reviewing...